Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzard 2010 in Andover, MA

DSC_0036 Blue Jay in Yew Tree 12-27-10

DSC_0037 Somewhere under these branches are my thistle seed feeders!

DSC_0038 View down the street approx 8 a.m. EST

DSC_0040 There are the feeders!

DSC_0044  White-throated sparrow 12-27-10

DSC_0049 Dark-eyed Junco 12-27-10

DSC_0055  White-throated sparrow 12-27-10

Gus and I are warm and safe inside the house today after a blizzard blew in late last night. For now the snow seems to have stopped and the main road is pretty clear. Gus is still sick so I am on my own.  We got about 18” of snow and I had to shovel a path to the back yard for the dog to relieve herself in.  Since she is only about 8” tall the snow was just too deep for her to plow through, though she did try.

I was hoping the storm would blow in some rare birds but all I have seen all day are the usual suspects. I filled all the feeders and tossed seed out the windows for them. I built a fire on the hearth, made a cup of tea, and now I hope to finally have some time to go blogging! Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. Lovely photos Kathie, not so good for the birds.

  2. Roy, not so good for the birds but they are well fed at my house!

  3. Kathie, I love the blue jay, beautiful! Stay warm.

  4. Everything looks beautiful and it is good that you and your family are safe.

  5. Katnell, I have a fire burning in the fireplace so all is cozy! Thanks!

    Ruth, thank you!

  6. Looks like a sweet treed neighborhood. The snow makes a great backdrop for the bird photos. Fire, tea and blogging sounds good. We may get snow on Wed. I'm NOT ready for that. Stay warm.

  7. Kathie! I am once again in Scottsdale AZ for the winter months! You are not here now!!
    I was hoping to meet up w/ you!
    I wish you all the best in the coming New Year! hugs from the desert.
    Anna xo

  8. Lovely photos Kathie! Love the Blue Jay & the sparrow eating snow. Sure glad it wasn't a white Christmas here in NM. Stay warm! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  9. Oh my. Eighteen inches of snow. I remember eight and 10 inches at a time when I lived in Spokane. Not particularly fond memories!

    Yuppers, a new blog. It's dedicated to my travels. Cover stuff other than birds, because it's mostly for my non-birding friends and relatives. But there's a full dose of birds too. After all that's the basic premise for all my travels. Also, it doesn't seem right to constantly cover everything but Nebraska on a blog that was started for Nebraska birding.

    Thanks for stopping by both blogs!

  10. The dark-eyed junco is hard to get the eye to shine but you managed.

  11. Hope your cute guy is feeling better! Happy holidays to you, Dear Kathie!

  12. Looks like we had a similar day. I was sick, we had lots of snow too and had White-throated Sparrows at our feeder too. I couldn't manage to get a good picture of a junco though. Nice Junco picture -they turn out to dark when I do it. the jay and White-throats came out nice too.

  13. Well, you had quite a lot of snow there didn't you Kathie? We just got a dusting this time round. My relatives 200 miles south of us got what you had. Happy New Year!

  14. Oh my. Something tells me Maine and Minnesota are very much alike on the winter weather subject. I'm totally bummed out as returning from 10 days with the grandkids in Colorado I found all my feeders buried under two feet of snow. Worse all my regular birdies have been gone now for two days.

  15. It kinda' looks like that around here too. That top photo is wonderful. We got about a foot yesterday of snow and now we're getting wind.

  16. Howdee Kathie..
    I am catching up with my blog reading and here i am...late..You know how that goes..:)
    What a snow storm...we were in Ct and didnt get as much as you did up there.
    Hope all is going well!
    Happy New Year to You and Gus!


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