Saturday, January 1, 2011

Big January Anyone?


Carolina Wren 12-21-10

No, I haven’t seen this bird yet today but I am looking for it! It has been hanging around my yard and I am seeing it on a regular basis now. My first Bird of 2011 was a Tufted Titmouse seen at 7:40 a.m. Since then I have added 11 species to the list:

  1. Tufted titmouse*
  2. American Crow
  3. American goldfinch
  4. White-throated sparrow
  5. Dark-eyed junco (slate-colored)
  6. Blue jay
  7. Downy woodpecker
  8. black-capped chickadee
  9. White-breasted Nuthatch
  10. House sparrow
  11. House finch
  12. Mourning dove

*1st bird of 2011!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a Big January this year.  No one else has been talking about it, but, I decided to do one anyways, even if all I do is compete against myself since all my previous big Januarys have been from when I lived in Arizona. Now that I live in a new state and in a totally different part of the country I thought it would be fun to see how my lists compare.

For those of you who do not know what Big January is, it is a list of all the bird species seen in the month of January only in the State YOU CURRENTLY LIVE IN. It starts on midnight January 1st and runs through 11:59 p.m. on the 31st. In previous years we have had many birders and eBirders in on this friendly competition.  I hope some of you will join me again this year.

For info on previous Big Januarys and Big January Totals, just click on the links below:

And please consider submitting your counts to eBird. This is a fine way to turn fun into useful data that helps the birds! It also helps you too, for once you set up your account eBird keeps track of all of your sightings and lists for you!

Well, I am off in search of more Birds! Wish me luck!


  1. It is pouring rain here, but I have started my January count. It is a good way to pass a winter month and to have an excuse to drive down to Lake Ontario. Happy New Year, happy birding.

  2. I can't see out my main window right now. The truck camper is parked there. Not to mention two 5th-wheels. I'd love to count. I truly look forward to moving into the new RV so I can see my bird feeders again.

  3. Good luck on the big Jan. I like to do it informally to see if I can get more than last year :)
    Happy New Year!


  4. Kathie, I saw your profile on "Birding is Fun", very inspiring! You sound like a person full of vitality and are living life to its fullest. Showed me I need to do contribute more on eBird. Happy New Year to you and your family! Happy Birding!

  5. Ruth, I am so glad someone is joining me and it is a great way to make this cold January pass quickly!

    Gaelyn, yeah! I can't wait to see what you see!

    Dan, that's just fine! It will be fun to see how all of our lists compare.

    Hilke, thank you! So nice to have you following my blog! Welcome to Kathie's Birds!

  6. I wasn't sure if I was going to do it this year but you and Ruth got me back in the spirit.You are now the Big January leader so I look for you to lead the way-thanks for carrying on the tradition!


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