Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blizzard! 1-12-11

DSC_0084 View out my window in the early morning light at 7:30 a.m. EST. I just missed getting a photo of a red fox that ran up the middle of the street and into my neighbor’s yard.

DSC_0081 My feeders this morning 1-12-11


Well look what showed up in my yard for the first time!

DSC_0090Red-bellied woodpecker 1-12-11







DSC_0132 After 2 hours of shoveling snow that was 18” to 24” deep we came inside and built a fire to warm up and dry off! This is one of the things I really like about this apartment. I love a warm fire on a cold and snowy day!




  1. Beautiful! Kathie..guess you aint in Kansas no more..hee hee..Stay toastie near your fire! Thats one thing I really miss...No fireplace in Homey

  2. What a storm! Great woodpecker photos and congrats on the new yard bird. I enjoyed seeing those guys in the couple months I spend in the east.

  3. Dawn, you can say that again! Gus and I thought we shovelled our last snow 4 years ago when we left Utah! Sure am enjoying the fireplace but kind of expensive to buy wood in bundles from the grocery store!

    Robert, I was so surpised to see that red-bellied on the ground today! I keep hoping one of these storms will blow in some redpolls or grosbeaks or crossbills but so far no luck!

  4. Kathie, stay warm...your poor ballerina looks cold! Even though I am more than tired of snow already here in Utah, I always find the beauty of a winter wonderland. Looks like you have it there too. K

  5. Wow, Kathie. That looks like a Minnesota snowfall!

  6. That was some storm Kathie. Do keep warm. The only consolation is that it shows up the colours of the birds well.

  7. Katnell, we are trying. Gus got permission to work from home so he did not have to drive in it!

    Lynne, I suspect it does!

    Roy, you are so right! We are snug and cozy inside our apartment now.

  8. Oh Kathie, it looks like your buried. Yet all that white sure makes a great backdrop for the woodpecker. Nice to stay warm by the fire. Maybe when you go out birding you should be gathering firewood. ;)

  9. The New England winters hold so much beauty as well as exercise and the cosiness of a roaring fire after a job well dome.
    A magical winter wonderland.

  10. wonderful photos - I spent the day shovelling and resting watching my feeders - was nice day


  11. Lovely photos Kathie. Your woodpecker really stands out in the snow. I love the look of your fire, should keep you nice and warm.

  12. Gaeyln, I actually did gather up a few pieces from the backyard but anything that is substantial I need a chainsaw or a handsaw for, neither of which I have here. There are a few logs in the backyard cut up by someone from previous blow-downs and I have gathered the ones that will fit in my fireplace and burnt them already. I did find 3 more pieces the day before the storm though. They don't last for long.

    Arija, it sure is!

    forestal, sounds so nice and cozy!

    Denise, it did.

  13. Nice blog.
    Unusual to see a Red-bellied on the ground like that.
    He is a beauty.

  14. Jen, why thank you! I had never seen one on the ground before either but I think hunger will cause a bird to do things it will not normally do!


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