Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silly for Swans (MWT)

DSC_0109Mute Swan in Turner Falls, MA 1-3-11 

On my recent trip to Turner Falls we saw several Mute Swans.  As I have not seen this species of bird in several years I was truly captivated by its beauty. I have never seen one fly before and so was quite amazed to see several come in for a landing.  Below is a series of shots of this large bird as it landed in the Turner Falls Power Canal.

DSC_0086 DSC_0087 DSC_0088 DSC_0089 DSC_0090 DSC_0091 DSC_0092 Soon this swan joined the others in the canal.


DSC_0112 I have never actually seen a swan go into this pose before. This was a first for me. Some reports are that this is an aggressive pose but this bird did not seem mean to me and none of the other swans seemed to be afraid of it or get out of its way.

DSC_0113 It’s hard not to like these graceful birds, so I guess you can say I am Silly for Swans! What’s happening in your world? Check out

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  1. Are mute swans considered wild and countable there?

    Whenever we reported mute swans in Idaho, F&G came and culled them. They tend to take over wherever they are.

    Regardless, they are beautiful and you captured it in some nice action shots!

  2. They are filled with grace. The landing looks like it could walk on water. Great series.

  3. That Swan is trying to be aggressive Kathie as thats what the pose is all about, but I don't think he is dominant enough for the others to take any notice. To revert to my old Somerset vernacular, he is "All mouth and no trousers"

  4. Kathie, you got some nice shots after all from your trip to Turner's Falls. The swan pics are gorgeous. To Birding is Fun's comment: Swans are not culled here as far as I know.

  5. Beautiful post! My mom had a friend who painted the swans she saw at the pond by her house. I loved visiting her.

  6. Awesome captures of the landing, Kathie! The Mute Swans are beautiful but from what I have read they are not wanted around here.

  7. Excellent photos. I like the symmetry in the last one.

  8. Great action photos Kathie! Mute Swans count on our January list-you'll see plenty of them now that you're back east.I'm not one to hate on a species just because it was introduced and not native.I like seeing them and if they were introduced then it's not the swans fault. They are trying to survive like any other species.-If they are causing a problem somewhere that has to be dealt with then so be it.

    Here's an interesting website:

  9. Lovely post of yours. Beautiful creatures. Wondering why are they called mute swans? Is it because they do not make any sound and is often quiet?


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