Friday, April 8, 2011

Midday Reflections; Evening Sparrow (SWF)

1. Canobie Lake_kathie Canobie Lake Salem, NH 4-7-11

2. reflection_kathie Canobie Lake Reflections 4-7-11

3. chipping sparrow_kathie FOTY Chipping Sparrow 4-7-11

Skywatch Friday

Since I had to go to Salem, NH for errands yesterday, I brought along my camera and bins and went birding first. I stopped at the Geremonty Marsh first to count birds, then found a new spot on Canobie Lake. Since it was midday, there were not many birds at the lake. All was calm and peaceful. I saw a couple of seagulls in the water and heard a Song Sparrow from the shore. A pair of Mourning Doves flew overhead and a Chickadee called lazily from some nearby pines. All in all it was a peaceful 15 minutes I spent there and I will go back. My day started out with temps in the low 40’s when I first arrived in New Hampshire but by the time I left at 3 P.M. it was 65 degrees! And though I did not see any unusual birds I did add 4 new species to my NH Life List with #24. Mallard, #25. Red-winged Blackbird, #26. House Finch, #27. Mourning Dove!

Back in Andover as the day wound down I was talking to a friend on the phone and looking out the window as I often do when I noticed a Chipping Sparrow at my bird feeder! This was my First of the Year Chipping Sparrow and so I grabbed my camera and while I continued talking to my friend I balanced phone and camera and shot a few pictures of the bird out my dirty window. The above picture was the best of the bunch but you can clearly see the rusty cap, the white line above the eye and the dark line through the eye. I told you life was getting exciting around here!

Species Totals

Life Year Month
My 2011 Stats 392 83 33


  1. That first photo is a double whammy - sky above, sky below. Great blog.

  2. What a gorgeous spot!! Those are pretty impressive stats. Birders are such great listers!!

  3. Love the reflections on the water!

  4. That first shot is breathtaking!

  5. lovely collection .. the first one is stunning... awesome captures.


  6. Lovely reflective shots Kathie.

  7. Beautiful shot of the lake, Kathie! The reflections are gorgeous too. I haf my first of the year Chipping Sparrow in my yard this week. They are cute birds. I enjoyed your post and photos. I hope you have a birdie weekend.

  8. Lovely series of images! Sweet little Chipping Sparrow. I hope to spot one soon!

  9. Good to hear that you are settling in and enjoying yourself.Great reflection photo!

  10. All lovely photos Kathie. For the first time ever I have had a pair of Red-winged blackbirds come to my feeders but haven't been able to get a photo yet, as the Grackles seem to chase them off quickly. Thanks for stopping by, it's good to be visiting again.


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