Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oosoola Park Eagle Sky

1. Bridge-kab New Bridge in Norridgewock 4-10-11

There is a small little park at the bend of the river in Norridgewock, Maine called Oosoola Park. For 34 years I have been married to my husband and coming to this town and driving past this park. But, since moving back east last fall I have decided to see what birds I can see at Oosoola Park! From  the parking lot near the boat launch I can see the new bridge being built across the Kennebec River. The old bridge was taken down over a year ago and a temporary one set up as work continues on the new one. My husband’s grandfather actually helped build the old bridge and you can see what it looked like if you ever watch the HBO movie called Empire Falls. They used the old bridge in that movie as part of the set for the fictional town of Empire Falls. Much of the rest of the movie was filmed in nearby Skowhegan and Waterville, ME.

2. Kennebec-kab Kennebec River as seen from Oosoola Park

Downstream from the bridge the river runs wide and deep. According to the Norridgewock Chamber of Commerce and my sister-in-law, Doreen, the name “Norridgewock” in a native American word from the Abenaki tribe meaning “smooth water between two rapids.”

3. Eagle tree-kab Across the river from Oosoola Park is what I call the Eagle Tree. The eagles only seem to come here when it is cloudy or foggy though, and today it is cloudy and I am in luck.

4. eagle-kab There at the top of the tree against the steel gray sky, the eagle sits and watches.

5. Bald eagle-kab Bald Eagle from below.

I have to drive over to the River Road across the bridge to get closer pictures of the eagle. Photographing against a dull sky is always a challenge and I sharpened, cropped and D-lighted some of these shots. Still, you can see the magnificent beak and the strong talons of this bird.

6. Bald Eagle-kab 

7. bald eagle-kab Bald Eagle 4-10-11

Skywatch Friday!

(All photos click to enlarge)

I only added 3 species to my Maine Year list at Oosoola Park: Bald Eagle, Belted Kingfisher and Mallard. I have seen all of these species in Maine before. After Birding with Beth, this was a fine way to end my day.

Species Totals Life Year Month
Maine 2011 Stats 94 26 24


  1. Nice post with some history to boot. I really liked those pileated pictures. Wow! So close.

  2. Great post, Kathie! Love the closeup of the eagles. Happy skywatching and good birding. I also wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

  3. Amazing eagle shots! Telephoto?


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  4. Absolutely amazing.... i feel honored to see this picture. That bird is the most magnificent bird (besides the cardinal of course ;))..... Great shots!

  5. Beautiful sky watch photos...the eagle is such a wonderful find. Happy Sky Watch!


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