Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Yard Birds and Mystery Hawk

1. Hawk-kab Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk 4-24-11

Spring migration has begun bringing a slate of new birds to my yard, but no warblers as of yet. Still, I have already added 9 new species to the yard list just this month! Below is are photos of some of them with the dates they were seen listed. The hawk is a juvenile *red-shouldered hawk I believe but please tell me if you think I’ve mis-identified it and why as the red-shouldered and broad-winged hawks are still new to me. Please note that I saw this hawk at dusk but it did appear to be brown and not gray on its back. I am not sure the photos show this very well. Also, some photos were taken through double pane windows, such as the Northern flicker, or silhouetted against a gray sky, as in the case of the waxwings, but all are clear enough to ID the species. Enjoy!

*Correction: This is a Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk. ID confirmed by Marshall Iliff from eBird 5-4-11. Consult above post.

2. creeper-kab Brown Creeper 4-11-11

I’ve watched for this species all winter and it finally shows up this spring!

3. waxwings-kab Cedar Waxwings 4-20-11

About 60 birds showed up in my yard on this day eating the buds off whatever tree this is that they are perched in. the next day I saw 6, then they were gone. I have not seen or heard them since.

4. NOFL-kab Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker 4-20-11

5. feeders-kab Red-bellied Woodpecker 4-21-11

Though I have seen Red-bellied woodpeckers in the yard before they seem to be coming by more often now that I have moved the feeders to the back yard. I have also had to change feeders and seed due to the influx of the next couple of species to my yard.

6. grackles-kab Common Grackle 4-21-11

7. red-winged black-kab Red-winged Blackbirds 4-21-11

8. hawk-kabJuvenile Cooper’s Hawk 4-24-11

9. hawk-kab 

10. hawk-kab 

11. hawk-kab 

12. starling-kab European Starling 4-25-11

13. purple finch-kab FOTY Purple Finch 4-25-11

14. BRCO-kab Female Brown-headed Cowbirds 4-25-11

As of December 30th 2010 I had 26 species on my Yard List. So far this year I have added 19 new species to the list which can be seen in the sidebar for a total of 45 species of birds seen at this location. I set out my first hummingbird feeder Thursday but have not seen one as of yet and I am still waiting to see my first warblers of the year! Not included in these photos is a Fish Crow I heard and saw flyover on April 25 at sunset. The Wild turkeys I saw run through the yard on April 4th can be seen in my blogpost It’s Starting to get Exciting Around Here! 

Happy Birding Everyone!

Note: This post was corrected on May 4th after discovering I had misidentified this hawk as a Juvenile Red-shouldered when it is actually a juvenile Cooper’s. Read about it here, Two Juvenile Cooper’s Hawks.


  1. Hi Kathie

    Wow what great pictures each bird is wonderfully captured. I really love how you have picked up the
    colours in what I would think of as fairly common or understated birds. I like all of the photos but I think the shot of the cowbirds is exceptional.


  2. Fantastic birds and great photos of them Kathie!

  3. Fantastic photo series! You have a very busy yard! A wonderful varitey of birds visit your area. Love the Brown Creeper, Purple Finch, Red-bellied Woodpecker and Red-shouldered Hawk images. I put up several hummingbird feeders on our property recently. Can't wait to see our first hummer of the season. I hope you have many beautiful warbler sightings soon. Terrific post!

  4. Great collection of birds, kathie. And thanks for your email, so glad things have taken a turn for the better.

  5. You are getting some good action.Love the Purple Finch and hawk photos! Good job getting the Brown Creepr too.They are tricky to capture agains the bark.

  6. Hi Kathy, you're captured some wonderful birds there. I'm envious of all your Waxwings as I have only seen them at a distance and not in my back yard. One of these days. Have a great week.

  7. super post Kathie. love the Flicker. What a cracking bird!!


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