Friday, February 17, 2012

GBBC in My Backyard

1. AMGO-kab American Goldfinch seen out my kitchen window this morning 2-17-12

I got up this morning, brewed myself a cup of green tea, donned bathrobe, warm shoes and gloves and went and sat outside on my back porch to do my very first bird count of the day for the Great Backyard Bird Count!

2. woods-kab

Gray skies await me this morning, but the temperature is actually mild at 42F degrees. At first is is so quiet that I do not think I will see many birds this morning.

3. feeders-kab All the feeders are empty, but I sit and wait and sip my tea.

I have a blanket over my lap and a fuzzy pillow to sit on. I see motion off to my left and count 7 starlings in the treetop. Then the chickadees start to call and come in to the feeders. they are followed by titmice, nuthatches and house sparrows. Before I know it, I am watching a birding bonanza as seagulls drift overhead, a lone house pigeon flies by, the downies come to the suet and the cardinals come out of the woods. A song sparrow starts to sing form the top of a twig in the woods and then a mallard flies overhead beating its wings for all it’s worth! In the end I count 20 species of birds in my backyard. It is my first count of the day.

4. clearing-kab

As I head inside, the clouds are starting to break up. Time to go count more birds!

It’s not too late! You can participate also! It’s easy and fun. Just click on the button in the sidebar or below to learn how. You do not need to count birds everyday to participate. Even one count form your own yard or a friend's; from a walk in your neighborhood or from any natural area. Wherever you are, you can count the birds!

My Morning Bird Count:

  1. Mallard-1
  2. Red-tailed hawk-1
  3. Ring-billed gull-3
  4. Herring Gull-1
  5. Gull species-1
  6. Rock Pigeon-1
  7. Mourning dove-6
  8. Downy woodpecker-1
  9. American Crow-1
  10. Black-capped chickadee-3
  11. Tufted titmouse-2
  12. White-breasted Nuthatch-2
  13. American robin-2
  14. European Starling-7
  15. Song sparrow-1
  16. Dark-eyed Junco-8
  17. Northern Cardinal-4
  18. House Finch-1
  19. American goldfinch-5
  20. House Sparrow-24
image_preview 2012


  1. I did my first GBBC this morning before heading to town. Only 5 species, but it's a start. I'll probably have more time to count tomorrow. Thanks for motivating me to do this.
    Dark Junco 1
    Rufous-sided Towhee 3
    Gambel Quail 15
    White-crowned Sparrow 3
    Gray-back Jay 1
    And the feeders where empty. I bought seed today. ;)

  2. Nice count, Kathie! I know it started yesterday but I had to work. I am counting today. Happy Birding!

  3. i may not be a 'counter'...not yet anyway...
    but i DO smile every time i see your birds and notice that your NUMBERS are increasing!! YAY for Bird Bonanzas!!

    stay warm...and have a great (birding) weekend :)

  4. Good on you for counting, and nice that it's warm enough to sit outside in a bathrobe. And a goldfinch is a lovely way to start the day.

  5. ...and now my husband knows that I'm not the ONLY one who likes to venture outside in the morning in my robe - HA! So far on your list the only birds that I've not seen here in western WA. are the No. Cardinal & the Rock Pigeon. I'll begin my count today & end tomorrow or maybe Mon. THANKS for giving me the incentive - Great posts!

  6. Gaelyn, Woo Hoo!

    Eileen, I am so excited for you!

    Laura, after that first day a Cooper's hawk showed up and my numbers went way down!

    Wren, I love the mornings when it is warm enough to sit outside and drink my coffee and listen to the birds while I count!

    Ladybug, I am so glad to hear that! OH, and tell your husband that bathrobe bird watching is the best!


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