Thursday, February 2, 2012

It’s One of those Gray Winter Days

1. Gray sky-kab Storm Clouds over Stirling Street Bog 2-2-12

If the groundhog were in my area today he definitely would not see his shadow. I walked down to the bog to see what birds are hanging around.

3. bog-kab On January 31st the bog was still frozen but yesterday’s spring-like temperatures must have melted all the ice. Still, with a cold north wind blowing the only birds I saw were some mallards, Canada Geese, a couple of crows, and a few wayward gulls riding the wind.

4. bog-kab 

5. south end-kab 

6. melting-kab When I left the house at 10:50 a.m. the temperature was 42F, but by the time I returned 30 minutes later it had dropped to 38F! Brrrr! Time for some warm soup!

7. bleh-kab Bleh!

What a difference a day makes!

2. blue sky-kab A cloudless sky on February 1, 2012

Happy Skywatch Friday!


Happy Groundhog Day!

come see my

Robin’s Egg Blue Sky


  1. Even in grayness I like the bog. But I'm in love with that tree!

    Gray here and when I went out just after noon it snowed just a little and temp dropped 5 degrees in a hurry.

    Hope we still have more winter coming.

  2. Lol, Happy Groundhog Day! Wonderful photos from the bog. I love the face on the tree. We are seeing gray skies today too. And it is colder and windy. Oh well winter is not over yet. Happy Skywatching!

  3. Gaelyn, really? You want more winter? Ah, I guess when you live in AZ you can think like that!

    Eileen, yep. It came back! I'm glad you like the tree. I see that face whenever I walk down to the bog!

  4. Wonderful shots! I like the face on the tree, he he.

  5. Brrrr...the first few photos do look chilly! Glad the blue skies made an appearance!

  6. Grey skies...and blue sky!
    It is all beautiful.

  7. I've often wondered on those cold cloudy days; where do the birds go? Are they just all in hiding, finding shelter and warmth wherever they can? I mean, they can't all have nests yet. Where are they hiding?

  8. Even gray skies can be pretty... you captured it well!

  9. Laurence, my backyard was full of birds this morning but hardly any at the bog. I think they go searching for food where they can find it and huddle up in the trees, shrubs and thickets when it storms!

  10. A bog is a bog is a bog, whether the sky is blue, the season is's still a great place, as evidenced by your beautiful pictures.

  11. What would life be if we only had blue skies? We need the grey ones to appreciate the others.

    Glad your mom is doing well. I'm sitting on tenterhooks until I hear from the specialists and suddenly my sister is quite despondent which is very unusual for her. I'll let you know when I know more.


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