Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Adams Family Road Race 2012

1. line-up-gusto Lining Up for the 2012 Adams Family Road Race on June 16

Every year in June my crazy family gathers together near Colchester, CT to run a three mile road race on our old cross-country course from high school. My three brothers and my younger sister and I all ran cross-country for Bacon Academy as we made our way through the upper grades. I am second oldest of the siblings but it is my middle brother, Stephen, who came up with this great idea over 15 years ago. He thought it would be a great way to help motivate us to keep in shape as we grew older. I must admit that he and some of my siblings take it way more seriously than I do, but it is a fun way to get the family all together and start the next generation on the path to a healthy life style and hopefully to develop a love of running in some of them.

2. on your mark-gusto My sister-in-law, Lori, holds the stopwatch.


3. they're off-gusto And we are OFF!

4. running-gusto Run, family, RUN!

5. running-gusto Behind the crowd stands my Mom, who survived a fight with breast cancer this year.

6. helping-gusto No one is too young to run!

7. the Lake-gusto While Gus waits for the first runner to appear he photographs the lake.

8. the winner-gusto Here comes my nephew, Bernie!

9. burning up the road-gusto He is burning up the road and is the first runner to cross the finish line!


10. 2nd place-gusto My youngest brother is next! Not bad for an older guy (older than the grandkids, nephews and nieces, but younger than the rest of us)!


11. 3rd-gusto Brother Stephen is fighting a leg injury.


12. stephen-gusto Still, he comes in third, though he would have loved to beat his younger brother!


13. MG-gusto Now here comes my younger sister, the marathoner!


14. boyfriend,  dog n niece-gusto This is my niece with her boyfriend and her dog. They are so light on their feet they barely touch the ground! Gus, how did you manage to get this shot!


15. Tony-gusto Brother-in-law, Tony!


16. big brother-gusto Big Brother, Rick (he’s married to Lori)


16a. Big B-gusto Big B runs for the finish line!


17. grandson-gusto My grandson, Trey! Yay!


18. c and niece-gusto My great niece with her Uncle C running alongside to encourage her.


19. mom n son-gusto My niece and her son sprint for the finish line! Yes, he ran the whole 3 miles!


20. bro n me-gusto Here I come…finally! C runs back to encourage me also.


21. hard work-gusto It’s a slow jog and hard work, but I made it!


22. last one-gusto And I wasn’t last either! Here comes my new daughter-in-law, Melissa and my granddaughter, Brooklyn!


23. splash time-kab Now it’s time to splash and play…


24. the lake-kab in the beautiful lake we all just ran 3/4 of the way around!


25. Steve n Linda-kab My dear friend, Linda and my brother Stephen.


26. my niece-kab My niece and her dog.


27. Father n son-kab

Papa with the newest member of the family!


28. the bride-kab Chris and Melissa sort of eloped in January so we are celebrating their wedding now! Congratulations kids!


29. the cake-kab The impromptu cake!

30. the matriarch-kab And the matriarch of the Adams Family watches over it all.

She is the REAL champion!

31. family-kab This is just part of the motley crew that is my family that I love.

32. the monster-kab This is the only bird I photographed today. I think it is a young Canada Goose but it looks an awful lot like Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, don’t you think? Still, I heard Wood Thrushes as I walked/jogged around the lake. I saw robins, cardinals and chipping sparrows. Here at the beach I saw and heard song sparrows, blackbirds and chimney swifts. I just can’t help myself. I always notice and count the birds! I had a fun week with my son and his family, but now they have returned to Maine and I am once again playing catch-up! There will be more family and birding adventures posting here soon!


  1. Hats off to all for keeping up this family running tradition. I'm a walker myself. And your Mom certainly is the champion here.

    1. Gaelyn, I need to walk more myself! it's a great way to see the world and take it all in! Thanks for the comment!

  2. What great family times! Love to see it.

    1. Robert, we are a wild and wacky bunch but we have fun and we all love each other! We are all very different from each other as well but we still get along! Imagine that!

  3. Awesome Kathie well done, way to help keep the family movie. I like the Loch Ness monster too--I didn't know she had moved out of Scotland.

    I think perhaps my favorite part about this is that you went to a school called Bacon Academy. I know, it was probably named for Sir Francis Bacon but still, it made me chuckle.

    Have a happy Sunday!

    1. Laurence, thanks! Yeah, Bacon Academy does sound funny if you have never heard it before but I did grow up with the name. the original still stands in this town and it is the school my mother went to!

  4. Looks like a grand time by all! Gus is amazing [don't tell him I said that, he will get a big head ;-) ], how did he get that shot? I bet that water did feel good!

    1. Kathryn, I was so hot! We had a great time though. I get slowr every year but keep on plodding along. However, some of my siblings are fanatical about this race!

  5. Hi Kathie

    A lovely post and it's great to see all of you finished. You certainly seem to be enjoying summer with your family.

    All the best.

  6. Great idea, good finish. I like Nessie too!

    1. Gillian, I was hoping it would make someone chuckle!

  7. Kathie, I have followed your blog ever since I was given the link by your youngest brother. I'm happy to say that I finally met him and your wonderful mother—one day before this race! Thank you for sharing this great tradition with the rest of us.

    When I saw this picture, I thought instantly of you and had to share it:



    1. Betty, that picture is hilarious! I am glad you finally met my mom. Sorry that I missed you!


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