Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Birding Fun

1. juv Gila AZ-kab A juvenile Gila Woodpecker learns to drink nectar from a hummingbird feeder by propping itself up with its stiff tail feathers in my former backyard in Corona de Tucson, AZ 2009.

2. GHOW AZ-kab Great Horned Owl chicks in Tucson, AZ 2009

You can see what they looked like two weeks later over at the Birding is Fun blog.

3. EUST Skowhegan, ME-kab A European Starling chick in Skowhegan, Maine 2011


4. pebble sized quail AZ A Gambel’s Quail chick in my backyard in Arizona in 2008


5.  Tucson, AZ 2008 A Juvenile Gilded Flicker begs its mother for food at the feeder in AZ 2008

Birds are everywhere but there are even more baby birds over at Birding is Fun which is where I am posting today!


  1. It is a great time with the fledglings busy feeding. We have blue tits and great tits scruffy but gorgeous on the feeder adjacent to the window,I love to watch them.

  2. A lovely post Kathie I really like the shot of the Flickers with the Quail it looks like a bird paradise there.


  3. This is a great time to see all the cute baby birds. Loved your photos, Kathie! Have a great weekend and happy birding!

  4. You have such a great skill. I appreciate the way you capture these marvelous creatures. They are so young, so beautiful, so present. Wow.

  5. Wonderful captures of all these youngsters! It really is a fun time of year to view birds. Our property right now is teeming with young Black-capped Chickadees, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Eastern Bluebirds and House Finches. Lots of hungry, vocal, begging babies! I loved your other post at The Birding is Fun! Blog, too!

  6. Great shots! I love that baby gambrel quail! And they are all wonderful! Just enjoyed seeing all these babies very much!


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