Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stirling Street Bog Fauna

1. Muskrat in bog-kab Muskrat in bog 3-30-2011

While observing birds at the bog for the last two years I could not help but observe some of the creatures who inhabit the bog as well. The muskrats swimming in the evenings always brought joy to my heart.

2. muskrat-kab Muskrat 3-30-2011

This almost looks like a beaver from behind but it is the same animal as the one above. In the top photo you can see the sideways flattened tail of a muskrat and the smaller, more triangular shaped head. However, there are beavers at the bog and I have seen their handiwork as well as heard the slap of their tails on the water.

2. Chipmunk-kab DSC_0137 Chipmunk 3-30-2011

While I would see chipmunks on and off, I did not observe them there too often, especially from the guardrail side of the bog on Stirling Street. I am sure they are seen more often in Den Rock Park at the north end of the bog. As you can imagine, gray squirrels are observed here occasionally as well, but I don’t recall ever seeing a red squirrel at this location off Stirling Street which is where I always counted birds for my eBird Site Survey.

3. turtle-kabPainted Turtle 8-26-2011

Turtles and frogs are both seen at the bog. One evening I even saw a huge snapping turtle but I did not have my camera with me! However, I observed these Painted Turtles here on a regular basis.

4. young buck-kab White-tailed deer buck 8-26-2011

I was more than surprised to find a young White-tailed deer here at the bog last summer. This was a day before the hurricane around 8:30 AM. Even more surprising was the young fawn travelling with him. This is the only time I ever observed deer at the bog.

5. fawn-kab White-tailed deer fawn 8-26-2011


6. dragonfly-lab Dragonfly 7-5-2011

Of course there were dragonflies and butterflies and other insects to see.

7. cat-kab Domestic Cat 5-9-2012

But I was not happy to see domestic cats hunting in the bog and I saw them more than once. I think this is why I did not see very many sparrows along the edge of the bog where I stood to count birds.

8. good-bye-kab Muskrat disappearing down its hole 4-10-2012


9. august 2011 bog-kab Stirling Bog after Hurricane Irene last year 8-28-2011


  1. Beautiful spot! I must admit though, muskrats gross me out

  2. Laurence, that's too funny! I hate regular rats but these make me feel like I am observing something wild and wonderful!

  3. Kathie, your first muskrat shot is like a painting. Love all the wildlife except the cat. Cats are a great problem here too, especially with ground nesting birds.

  4. i love all these pictures!! what a variety of wild life!!

    but what i really want to how did Milo get all the way over there?? that cat looks exactly like my Milo!

    the muskrat DOES look just like a beaver! except for the long skinny tail...that's the he 's heading down into his hole.
    LOVE the turtle of my favorite animals!

    GREAT shots...all of them!!

  5. Great shots of the deer and muskrat, but that little chippy with the sun on its head is just the best.

  6. What a beautiful area to bird! Muskrat love:) They are like the Hispid Cotton Rat at Sweetwater. I look at those pics and think that this would be a spot I'd visit often. I'm not a fan of domestic or feral cats out in the wild killing birds....especially in spaces like these. Beautiful critter shots:)

  7. Wow you photographed mammals Kathie :)
    Hopefully you will get some good photos when you visit my place too :)

  8. Very interesting. We have trout streams here but due to tiling very little standing water. Also big floods on little creeks.... :(


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