Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Things

1. Misquamicut-kab Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island 8-17-2012

My life is lived in moments of “last things” right now. My last trip to the bog, my last time at the store, my last walk in the neighborhood. On Friday the 17th my friend Kathryn and I drove to Connecticut to drop the dog and some food off with mom. After eating lunch we drove over to Misquamicut Beach in Westerly, Rhode Island. Kathryn had never been to Rhode Island before and I had not yet been to the beach this summer. I wanted to go “One Last Time” before leaving for the dry desert.

2. chair-kab When we arrived around 4 PM EDT, and the beach was still a bit crowded, but by the time we left two hours later the most of the people were gone and the beach was awash in the golden light of a setting sun.

3. parking lot-kab We found a great place to park at a private beach with food, restrooms and changing rooms. It was a short walk to the beach, so we had easy access to our car and only cost us $10 to park!

4. kathryn-kab We were too anxious to get in the water, so all of these pictures were taken after we were done swimming and had already changed back into our dry cloths. Here is Kathryn standing on the beach. She is helping with the driving on out way to Tucson.

5. beach-kab What an endless horizon!


6. waves-kab I played in these waves for two hours until my legs were weak and my body was chilled to the bones. I did not want to leave! Kathryn had more sense than me and sat on the beach people watching after an hour or so.

7. seaweed-kab As the tide rolled in, so did the seaweed!


8. seagulls-kab The inevitable seagulls keep watch!


9. ocean-kab Good-bye Rhode Island!

We did manage to do a bit of bird watching before we left and found a few Semi-palmated plovers in a parking lot along with some seagulls near a puddle. In all we saw or heard 13 species of birds in Rhode Island on this day. Now we are on our way to Tucson. May people want to know if I am changing the name of my blog or starting a new blog. The answer is, my blog will stay the same for now. That is why I changed the name to Kathie's Birds two years ago, because no matter where I live, it can always be Kathie’s Birds! So follow me as I Fly Away to Tucson! I will try to keep in contact as I travel and will start blogging again as soon as possible after I arrive. I also have a Facebook page for those who want to subscribe!


  1. So glad you got a chance to enjoy the beach before heading west. Nice to have a friend/driver along. Hoping you can share some of the roadtrip adventures along the way. Safe journey.

    1. Gaelyn, I hope I can finally get a few moments to post pics and stories this week!

  2. I've never been a beach guy but always did enjoy Rhode Island because you can get some decent waves there.

    1. Larry, the waves were awesome! I like the big waves, but I also like Rocky neck in CT. I like to pad through the shallow water when the tide is out. It's all good, but I go to the beach to bird or to play. I've never been one to lay around in the sun!

  3. Lovely beach scenes, shame there are none of you and Kathryn in swimsuits!!.{:))

    1. Roy, I purposely avoided those shots! Thanks for the compliment though! You made me smile!


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