Friday, October 11, 2013

Arsty Fartsy Fridays 1

10-11-13 algae-kab

 Algae in a Hot Spring 

I find that I have been missing my creative side. It’s been so long since I have painted or drawn a picture or even doodled around. While processing some photos this last week I discovered that I could turn some bad photos into some creative works of art or graphic design just by playing with the contrast, brightness and color. This led me to wanting to share these “works of art” so I decided I would display them on Fridays, at least for awhile, and call it Artsy Fartsy Fridays! I won’t say much, just let the pictures speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy it, because I am having fun!


  1. This is definitely a winner Kathie, great contrast between the Green, Red and Blue. "Move over Monet".

  2. Roy, it was fun to "go a little wild!"

  3. Hi Kathie! I think your idea is a great one. Have fun, be creative and share with us your beautiful works of art!

  4. It does look like one of those impressionism paintings-nice colors! I see a small animal face towards the bottom center.

  5. So glad you are finding time to get back to doing some art Kathie and a new medium too :)

    1. Celeste, it is easier than hauling out all my paints and paper or canvases!


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