Monday, October 21, 2013

Artist’s Point in Yellowstone NP

1. Artist point-kab Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone NP 9-11-13

There are several areas to visit within Yellowstone National Park. That is what makes it such a wonderful place to explore. There is so much diversity in habitat and geography. On the east side of the park is a place known at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park. There is an upper and lower falls but by far the best view is of the lower falls, which are the most dramatic, at a place called Artist’s Point. Everybody goes here because it is so beautiful and by the time we got around to it it was the middle of the day and it was packed! So, we found a parking space and made our way through the crowds to get our pictures and then we left. It was not a peaceful experience but you still can’t help being caught up in the beauty of this place. However, I did not see any birds at this location and did not submit a bird count. After taking my photos I just wanted to flee!

2. cliffs-kab 

3. close-up of ridges-kab 

4. cliffs-kab 

5. cliffs and river-kab 

6. river view-kab River above the falls.

7. cliff colors-kab Cliffs below the falls.

Trip to Yellowstone and Utah 2013 

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  1. It does look to be a magic place, but crowds must be part of such places often!

    1. Happy Wanderer, I thought if we went after school was back in session we would be spared but apparently all the tour companies bring people then instead!

  2. Hi Kathie what a massive place and fantastic scenes and shots you have taken. I love the colours in the last shot best.

  3. Gorgeous first shot!!!! Love it!!!

  4. I can certainly see why the view is so popular. And that's the unfortunate part of our beautiful National Parks, large crowds.

    1. Gaelyn, it does take away some of the enjoyment.


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