Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Morning Mist in Yellowstone NP

1. morning mist-kab 

Morning light diffuses in the mists of Yellowstone,

2. brewers blackbirds-kab 

Blackbirds gather to feed on the insects attracted to the warmth,


3. blackbirds in trees-kab

A few birds perch in silhouette against the pale blue sky,


4. across the street-kab The mists envelope me and clouds my mind,

I wonder if this is real, if I am awake, if sun will ever shine again.

5. gus in the mist-kab We wander down the misty trail, eyes trying to pierce the fog, to see,


6. tree trunks-kab the bare bones, the tree spines, the souls of the forest are revealed to us,

we are walking on hallowed ground,

7. hot spring-kab the world is born anew in this steaming water,


8. boardwalk-kab I wander down the path through mists of time,


9. steaming-kab From the bowels of the earth the birth-heat is released.


10. chipmunk-kab And then I find the life born in this place,

evidence of generations of its kind.

I smile at this furry friend amidst all this steam and stone!

11. spider's web-kab

I know there is a plan, an architecture to it all,

Here in the mists there is structure and order, and LIFE!

Note: This morning was our other favorite time in the park. We were still walking slowly and drinking it all in. We were here early, before too many people flooded the park, and before we felt the urgency to try to see it all in one day! I knew we shouldn’t do it, yet we did. Shortly after this visit to the Fountain Paint Pots, we started a whirlwind trip around the park and by the end of the day I know I felt rushed and tired and I wished we had just picked one or two areas and explored them slowly.

Trip to Yellowstone and Utah 2013


  1. How fortunate to be out in the misty morning without crowds. I'm not sure if a lifetime is long enough to explore just one of our magnificent western parks.

  2. Yellowstone and The Tetons hold a special place in my heart, love these two parks! Beautiful photos and comments. The spider web shot is fantastic.


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