Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What’s THAT in the Grass?

1. what-kab 

November 3, 2013: A few weeks ago Chris Rohrer and I went looking for the red-breasted Sapsucker that was being seen in Madera Canyon. We went to the location where the bird was being seen. We walked all around and searched all the trees. We heard flickers and saw Mexican Jays, but no sapsucker. However, as we were walking past a picnic table I spotted something in the grass. I reached out and grabbed Chris’s arm and told him to freeze! Then I pointed to the green creature slithering through the grass and over the asphalt pad beneath the table.

2. slither-kab Slither…

3. climb-kab Climb…

4. hide-kab Hide!

5. peek-kab Peek…

6. a boo-kab --a-BOO!

Apparently this is a rare Green Rat Snake! What a beauty! And then, as we walked down a nearby path we found this:

7. tarantula-kab A tarantula!

Madera Canyon is a world class birding area in Southern Arizona. Located in the Santa Rita Mountains, it is reached by driving to Green Valley and taking Continental Road to White House Canyon Road. Once you enter the canyon, it’s like you are in another world.

8. madera Canyon-kab The road into the canyon.

After leaving the White House Picnic Area we drove farther up into the canyon. It was late in the afternoon and shadows were already falling across the rim draping the canyon in violet light. Farther up the road we found a few more birds, but no sapsucker.

9. acorn woodpecker-kab Acorn Woodpecker 11-3-13


10. az woodpecker-kab Arizona Woodpecker 11-3-13


11. inca dove-kab Inca Dove 11-3-2013

Though we didn’t see the Red-breasted Sapsucker, one can never have a bad day in Madera Canyon! Just watch where you step because you never know what you will find underfoot!


  1. You are SO right... never a bad day when out birding. You sure got some great photos on your "not so bad" day!

  2. That's a beautiful snake. It's great to go somewhere where there's a variety of interesting things to look at.

    1. Happy wanderer, yes it is! I like the way Madera feels as well!

  3. It is a beautiful area, lovely scenery! The snake and tarantula are cool sightings. I love the Acorn woodie! Great post, Kathie!

  4. OMG, such a beautiful snake! The birds too.

    1. That snake was quite a find! Chris almost stepped on it!

  5. That snake find was like our turtle find a few months back. It turns out our reptile find on that day was HUGE! I've been waiting to see your shots of this secretive snake. It's magical how s/he disappeared so quickly!!!

  6. You had a wonderful day with all your finds anyway. Happy Thsanksgiving!

  7. What a pretty snake, I would love to have seen that. And an Inca Dove too! One day I'll see that too :)


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