Friday, July 18, 2014

The Little Dog and the Gray Fox

7-18-14 Blossom Miss Blossom 7-18-14

There once was a little black and white dog who moved to the country where she went in and out of her little gray cottage to sniff in the yard and smell all the smells. Every morning and every night her owner would let her out for some exercise and her bathroom breaks. The world was full of birds and squirrels and chipmunks. Sometimes neighborhood dogs would stop by to say hello. But mostly all was peaceful and quiet.

DSC_0166 Then one day a gray fox showed up beneath the bird feeders. Though there wasn’t much there, the fox would come every morning and every night to nibble on the scraps beneath the feeders. The bird lady who fed the birds, and the little dog’s owners liked to see the fox. It made they feel happy in their “peaceable kingdom.” But one day when the master let the little dog outside in the morning the fox was still there.

DSC_0167 The little dog growled at the fox and looked back towards the house. The fox just stood there and stared at the dog. The master looked out the door and saw the fox just standing there. He saw the little dog just standing there. He did not like the fact that the fox did not run away when the little dog growled at it. So, the master came up with a plan.

The next night when it was dark, the master went outside and peed all around the feeder pole. He had heard this was a way that you could keep wild animals from coming into your yard. I know it seems strange, but this is the way that animals communicate with each other, and it worked! 

DSC_0169While the gray fox has been seen darting across the edge of the yard, it never stops to eat beneath the feeder anymore and the little dog can now go out without fear. This makes the master very happy! Meanwhile, the grass beneath the feeder has turned a lovely dark green. The nitrogen in the urine has fertilized the soil!7-18-14 bird feeder pole

This is a True Story!

By Kathie Adams Brown


  1. Cute story, lol. Fox photos are beautiful!

  2. What did the fox do when it saw Blossom but didn't take off?

    1. Rita, it stayed there and stared at Blossom until Gus opened the door!

  3. HI Katie thanks for sharing the story. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Kathie

    I enjoyed the post and the fox photos but as a dog breed connoisseur I loved the photo of Blossom, she looks like quite the character and I am sure she brings you a lot of joy.


    1. Guy, thank you! Miss Blossom is a very good dog and not at all yippy, like so many small breeds are. She is part Japanese Chin and she is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever known! She is mostly Gus' dog, but I care for her too. My favorite breed is a collie, and I love the joyfulness and beauty of Irish setters!


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