Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blue Sky Crow (SWF)

1. CrowAcadiaNP-kab American Crow Acadia National Park 6-11-11

Black crow, blue sky,

blue makes me wonder why

crows fly, crows spy,

crows rule the blue sky.

~Kathie Adams Brown 7-11-11

2. CrowAcadiaNP-kab Crow Silhouette Acadia National Park 6-10-11

Skywatch Friday!


  1. Almost as good as our Ravens.

    Nice poem.

  2. They always have to sit right on the very top and bend down the main leader. Great blue sky Kathie.

  3. Cute poem and nice shot of the raven with the pretty sky. Happy birding and happy skywatching, Kathie

  4. Two lovely shots. The first one is a great close up and I am drawn to the colors in stark contrast to the beautiful black feathers of the raven. The second one is so artsy, love it! Have a great weekend Kathy.

  5. Gaelyn, well, we have ravens here also but this was definitely a crow. I love how intelligent they are.

    Arija, so true!

    Eileen, thank you.

    Denise, thank you for noticing the artsy second shot! I could not resist publishing it!


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