Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Summer Sanctuary (MWT)

1. summer sanctuary-kab My Summer Sanctuary

In the apartment where I currently live I have created a Summer Sanctuary on my back porch. Though I live in the quaint little town of Andover, Massachusetts and I live right on a State Highway, my back porch is where I sit and watch the many birds and other animals which find refuge here. The large 2-story house blocks the sounds from the main road and the many tall trees provide shade and sanctuary for all of us. I often come out here first thing in the morning to eat my breakfast, drink a cup of coffee or tea, and count the birds for eBird. I hope you enjoy this view of My World today.

2. flowers-kab Flower Basket Beauty


4. porch-kab Back porch seen from backyard.


5. porch-kab Interesting shadows


5. yard-kab Shady back yard view as seen from porch.


6. feeders-kab Bird Feeders on Pole in Backyard


7. woodland edge Woodland Edge with Finch Feeder


8. feeders-kab My Backyard Bird Feeders


9. squirrels-kab Critter Feeding Stumps


10. red-winged blackbird-kab Red-winged Blackbird under feeder


11. blue jays-kab Blue Jays in yard


12. Titmouse-kab Tufted Titmouse


13. red Squirrel-kab Red Squirrel


14. downy Woodpecker-kab Downy woodpecker waiting to drop onto feeder 7-19-11

And that’s…

My World Tuesday!

15. back porch-kab

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  1. It looks very cozy, and a like a perfect place for lounging, and bird watching.

  2. Kathie, looks like you have a nice seat to watch your backyard habitat for the birds and critters. Great post and photos, happy birding

  3. Everything looks lovely, shady and green. What a nice place to enjoy summer, especially after your challenging winter!

  4. Your photos have me missing New England for the first time since I have been down here. Your space is very beautiful.

  5. Ruth, thank you! It is so peaceful most of the time.

    Sandy, how long are you gone for?

  6. Kathie, your world has certainly changed from a stressful one to one of peace and beauty. You have so many furred and feathered friends to keep you company , lovely flowers and shadows to rest your eyes on. I am really glad to see your smiling surroundings.

  7. I like your sanctuary, and that you can now enjoy it. I know how you liked to sit out in the mornings in AZ. Now you have more green and some different kinds of birds to watch.

  8. Well Kathie, its different from the Desert walks, but its surprising what you can observe in one small area like that.

  9. Hi Katie...I have seen you comment on some of my favorites,so I thought I would drop by!!
    Perfect timing I got to see your world right of and and invite to sit a bit! lol
    Love your basket of orange and purple 1000 bells plant( I think that's right) I have put orange and purple together this year in some of my pots and I love it!!
    Your birds are lovely...especially like the Blue Jay photo...I have the same birds here!!!
    Thanks for the tour into your world!!

  10. Hi Kathie. Thanks for sharing the views fron your 'sanctuary' ... a lovely spot to start and end the day.

  11. Kathie, a most wonderful critter viewing area for you. A lovely spot to sit at and take in your beautiful backyard. So very green and lush! Looks like the birds and squirrels delight in it too. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Arija, I love that description, "smiling surroundings." Thank you. I am, indeed, happy.

    Gaelyn, yes, what a contrast to Tucson, but I do love it here. I like getting to know the names of the flora and fauna I grew up with. I find it comforting to hear the familiar call of the blue jay and the cheerful song of the chickadee.

    Roy, for having to rent an apartment, I feel I have landed on my feet. This place works so well for us in so many ways, and now that the obnoxious neighbor is gone I can finally breathe free and relax into this place.

    grannie g, thank you so much for stopping by to visit me. I am glad you came to sit a spell and enjoy the birds with me. I did not know what that plant was called but it is one of my favorites, so when I saw it in front of the grocery store on Saturday I couldn't help but buy it. As an added bonus it was on sale and only cost me $10!

    Frank is it! I like sitting out there so much that is is terribly hard to get anything done inside!

    Julie G, it is lush and green and when autumn returns it will be a riot of color once again!

  13. Looks like you've created a nice area for yourself.I finds that to be very important for the spirit.


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