Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catching Up

1. Sand Beach Acadia NP-kab Sand Beach, Acadia National Park 6-10-11
Has it really been almost a month since I stood on this tranquil beach in Acadia National Park? So much has happened that I feel like it has been a whole season! I finally had my first day alone and all to myself today. Before Gus even left for work I booked out the door and down to the bog to watch birds. From there I hiked into Den Rock State Park, which is at the north end of the bog. It was nearly noon by the time I arrived home again. After eating lunch I must confess, I took a nap! I also took pictures of the swamp and the park and offloaded them intending to post an update on the bog, but when I opened up my photo processing program I realized I had so many photos yet to process and post! I ended up spending all evening trying to organize my photos so I can decide which ones to use in what order and in which posts! Yikes! It is going to take me the rest of the summer to get caught up I think!
2. Adams Road Race-kab Adams Road Race 2011
We did the annual Adams Family Road Race on the same day as my Mother's 75th birthday party. The road race was first in the morning, then the party in the afternoon. I was unable to run this year but I did walk the 3 mile course. I told myself I was not going to count birds, that this was family time, and so I did not bring bins or camera with me on my walk. After all, I still was being timed! As I set out with the crowd I soon dropped to last and found myself walking with Melissa, my son Christopher’s partner in life. As we walked we talked and the road turned from pavement to dirt. We soon found ourselves on the quiet and wooded east side of the lake when suddenly I noticed two chicken-like birds walking along the roadside just ahead of us. My mouth dropped open in surprise and dismay for without the birds even calling out their name I knew immediately what I was seeing and I had not seen this species in over 35 years! There, almost walking beside us were two Northern Bobwhites! I did not even know if they existed in Connecticut anymore. I use to hear them call when I was a young girl playing in the fields or hiking through the woods, but I had not seen or heard one in all the years I have been coming back to visit my family! I was astonished! This was a Life Bird for me since there was not eBird when I was young. I knew I had seen and heard this bird but now it is officially on my Life List! And Yes, I finished the race and yes, I was last, but that’s okay, I had fun and I got my bird!
Besides the big 75th party for my mom, there was also a second smaller, more formal surprise party for my mother. We had been planning this for months and we finally pulled it off on June 23rd. She was absolutely stunned and we had a wonderful time. To top things off, my oldest son, G, was able to fly in early just in time for her party. He has been here ever since with my grandson, Xavier and they were soon joined by his wife, Trish. While they are staying with her parents near Boston, they still have been able to come up for a couple of visits. Trish has to leave again soon but G will be here to go to a Red Sox game with Gus this week.
3. Randy n Renee-kab Randy and Renee’s Wedding Shower 6-25-11
With all the family here and all the birthday parties and more I spent the month driving up and down the east coast. Some days I went from Massachusetts to Connecticut to Massachusetts again only to get up the next day and drive to new Hampshire and Maine and back to Massachusetts again. On June 25th we drove to Maine to attend out only daughter’s wedding shower. She and Randy got engaged at Christmas time over a year ago. They are planning on getting married next spring but since they live out west his dad wanted to throw them a shower while they were home. It had been four years since the last time Randy was home to see his family. We had a great time and I couldn’t help myself and counted birds while we were there. I saw two loons in the pond across the street as well as swallows, a rose-breasted grosbeak and an Eastern Phoebe in the yard. When we drove away after the party I also saw an American Bittern in a hay field nearby!
As if one wedding wasn’t enough to plan, my second son, Chris, decided to propose to Melissa this past weekend while they were here visiting. It will be his second marriage but her first. We are very happy about this.
One other important note: This past weekend was truly an Independence Day for me as the upstairs tenant who has been harassing and intimidating me for the past 9 months finally moved out! For the first time in all those months I can finally go out my front door without fear. I think I am still in shock! I can’t believe it!
4. Sand Beach-kab Tranquil Sand Beach, Acadia National Park 6-10-11
So, I hope to continue posting stories and pictures and get back to visiting all of you. It may take me awhile and some things may just have to fall by the wayside because there are always new places to visit and new birds to see and I tend to live in the present, but we shall see! Right now I am thinking of that tranquil beach in Acadia National Park and trying to absorb that stillness into me. See you soon!


  1. So how do you keep your head from spinning?! Whew, you did pack tons of family fun in a short amount of time! Renee looks so happy and cute in the photo. Glad G is still in town. Congrats to Chris & Melissa. Go Red Sox!

  2. Kathie you have been on the fly for a while. I hope you can settle into your nest now that the ogre is gone.

  3. Wow, you have been busy. Congrats on your bobwhite lifer. They are cool looking birds. I am slo glad the ogre has left. I enjoyed the post and all the photos.

  4. I am glad to hear that your neighbour has moved out Kathie and a long way away I hope.
    Nothing wrong with "Power Napping", providing you are not driving at the time.{:)

  5. What a wonderful summer for you! Birding and family at the same time. Wasn't this easier this year since you moved East again? Keep us posted.

  6. Wonderful with all the things going on in your family, what a month for you!
    I know all about having a month's worth of photos and not knowing how or when to post at least some.

    Absolutely great that you are rid of that pesky neighbour.

    Hugs . . . Arija

  7. I am so happy things are more peaceful for you now and I also hope your back has healed. Great month for time with the family and bird sightings. I have had a good time reading this post. I also forgot to say how much I enjoyed your poem before.


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