Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gulls ‘n Roses

1. seagull-kab Acadia NP Herring Gull 6-12-11 Seawall at Bass Harbor

On our trip to Acadia National Park in June we had sunshine and shadows, gray skies and rain. Along with the weather, we also saw gulls almost everywhere we went. The majority of gulls were Herring Gulls in all stages of plumage, but I did see a few Great Black-backed Gulls, and a couple of Laughing Gulls along the way. 

3.. Herring gull-kab Acadia NP Herring Gull at Hull’s Cove 6-11-11


4. rose-kab Acadia NP Sea Roses 6-11-11 Acadia NP


5. Bluettes-kab Bluets houstonia caerulea 6-11-11 Acadia NP Roadside


6. Herring gulls-kab Herring gulls 6-12-11 Seawall near Bass Harbor Marsh


7. Laughing gulls-kab Laughing Gulls Seal Harbor 6-12-11


  1. These images are wonderful Kathie. Such a wide variety of gulls.

  2. Gaelyn, I was hoping to see more!

  3. your second to last Gull picture is just so beautiful!!

    (i scrolled all the way to the bottom...and don't see your 'google follow' thingie...hmmmm, maybe i just missed it...the photos are certainly taking my attention away from the side bar!! ) :)


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