Monday, July 25, 2011

Lesson Learned (MWT)

1. back porch My back porch with red cooler.

Last week I showed you my summer Sanctuary where I sit on my back porch and observe nature. I have seen so many critters in my backyard, including chipmunks, woodchucks, bunny rabbits, and red and gray squirrels.

2. gray squirrel-kab Gray Squirrel

The gray squirrels are the most prolific, most persistent critters in the back yard. There are more gray squirrels than red squirrels and while the red squirrels have a fiery and feisty temperament the grays show the least fear of me. They have learned to leap up straight to my bird feeders to get around the squirrel baffles and help themselves to seed.

3. critter feeding station-kab Squirrel and critter feeding stumps.

So, as a peace offering and deterrent, I pulled two stumps out of the woods and set them up at the edge of the lawn as a critter feeding station. I no sooner dump seed out here than the red and gray squirrels show up, along with an army worth of chipmunks. It doesn’t take long before all the seed is gone! I have also observed American Crows and Blue Jays eating at this location. One morning when I went to spread some seed I even found deer hoof prints in the soft ground in front of the stumps! However, I have yet to actually see a deer around here! On the weekend I bought some new squirrel food and decided I could just leave it in this red cooler on the back porch. After all, it is thick and insulated and the lid fits rather tightly. The seed was all in a plastic bag, so I had no fear of it tainting the inside of the cooler. I thought all was well. I thought wrong.

4. cooler on porch-kab On Monday morning when I went out the back door this is what I saw!


5. not snow-kab No, that is not snow!


6. chew marks-kabIt is the gnawed off pieces of plastic where a squirrel tried to get at the seed stored in the red cooler! How could it even smell it? I don’t know, but it did. And If I think squirrels are a problem, just imagine if there were bears around!


7. squirrely-kab So, lesson learned: DO NOT STORE SQUIRREL FOOD OR BIRD SEED IN COOLERS ON THE BACK PORCH!  After all, they have their woodland table…


8. back porch-kab …and I have my back porch!

And that’s what I learned for…

My World Tuesday! 


  1. Darn critters. They create havoc for me, too. Looks like you'll need to provide an unending supply of peanuts for the little thieves.

  2. I find it better to store rocks in my spare coolers. The wildlife are smart when it comes to food. Had javelinas trying to get into a cooler with bird seed. Very entertaining, but not at 2am. Lesson learned.

  3. Hi Kathie

    That porch looks like quite the little oasis for watching all your critters. And it sounds like you get quite the variety, enjoy your new feeding stations.


  4. HI Katie...sorry... but that is a good laugh, and a lesson learned!!
    Squirrels and Racoons are amazing at there ability to get into the seed feeders..but darn they are cute!!

  5. Kind of funny - irritating, but funny!

  6. And there was me thinking "What a good idea!" Oh well, back to the drawing board. Lovely back porch you've got there Kathy.

  7. Hi Mary, Gaelyn, guy, Grannie g KaHolly, and Denise, thanks so much for stiopping by. Yes, these squirrels keep me entertained and sometimes frustrated. I just had to laugh at this ne though!

    I I am off to NH today to pick up my granddaughter but will soon return and hopefully be able to get some blogging time in. I hope you enjoy your world today!

  8. Hi kathie, I have had to learn the same lesson. I am not sure if it was squirrels or the raccoons. But I can not leave birdseed outside. Great photos, have a great day and happy birding.

  9. eileen, thank you! Happy birding to you too!


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