Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stormy Swamp Sky

SWF springbog 4-27-11-kab

Stirling Street Swamp 4-27-11 Andover, MA Nikon Coolpix S400

I just love the subtle colors and the moodiness of this photo of the swamp. I never got to post it in April when I took it so when I was going through my photos of the swamp last week and I came upon it I just had to share it. And please visit

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  1. It is a great shot! So typical of April! I like that orange shrub!!

  2. What a lovely sky shot!

    My Skywatch, have a nice weekend ahead.

  3. A lot going on both above and below.

  4. The like the Rembrandt-esq of this photograph.

    Thank you, very much, for your comment on my blog. Your visits are appreciated.

  5. I love this shot Kathie, it absolutely epitomises a swamp.

    Thanks for the camera info. I find it hard enough to cart my D40 with a 300mm lens around and reasonably steady, anything heavier, I would only be able to use close to the car.

  6. Kathie, it is a pretty and colorful shot. Looks like a nice place to go birding too. Have a great weekend and happy birding.

  7. Lovely place to visit, I'm sure you would find a lot of interesting wildlife int here. Hope you are having a great weekend. I have two lots of company coming next week and am looking forward to one lot arriving on the Monday, and the other on the Wednesday.

  8. Swamps and busy and exciting places. This is a great shot.

  9. I like those type of areas having taken so many vacations in Northern New England.


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