Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big January Totals and Photo Essay

1. Andover NoCA2-kab Northern Cardinal Andover Backyard 1-22-12

Andover Backyard Birds

2. Andover WBNU-kab White-breasted Nuthatch 1-1-12

3. Andover AMGO1-kab American Goldfinch 1-1-12

4. Andover backyard downy-kab Downy Woodpecker 1-1-12

5. Andover BLJA-kab Blue Jay 1-1-12

6. Andover HOFI-kab Male House Finch 1-1-12

7. Andover HOSP-kab House Sparrows 1-1-12

8. Andover MODOb-kab Mourning Doves 1-1-12

9. Andover WTSP-kab White-throated Sparrow 1-1-12


Stirling Street Bog

10. Bog RTHA-kab Red-tailed Hawk 1-1-12

11. Bog SWSP2-kab Swamp Sparrow 1-1-12


North Andover Birds

12.Steven's Pond CANG-kab Canada Geese 1-1-12

13. N. Andover GBHE-kab Great Blue Heron 1-1-12

13a. N. Andover NPDU-kab Northern Pintail Ducks and Mallards 1-14-12


Plum Island Birds 1-10-12

14. Plum Island EUST-kab European Starlings

15. Plum Island BAEA-kab Bald Eagle 1-10-12

16. Plum Is. Eagle, gull, crow-kab Bald Eagle, Great Black-backed Gull, American Crow

17. RT Loon Plum Island-kab Red-throated Loon

18. Plum island WITU-kab Wild Turkey

19. Plum Island NOHA-kab Northern Harrier

20. Plum Island snowy-kab Snowy Owl


Cherry Hill Reservoir Birds

22. Cherry Hill Canvas back-kab Canvasback 1-14-12

23. Cherry Hill Cooper's-kab Cooper’s Hawk 1-24-12

Gloucester Birds 1-16-12

26. Gloucester ducks-kab Bufflehead, Herring gull, Common Goldeneye

27. Gloucester G. scaup and black ducks-kab Black Ducks and Greater Scaup

28. Gloucester greater scaup-kab Greater Scaup

29. Gloucester Iceland Gull 1-kab Iceland Gull

30. Gloucester Iceland gull 2-kab Juvenile Iceland Gull

24. Gloucester COEI-kab Common Eider

25. Gloucester COLO-kab Common Loon


Webster, Massachusetts 1-19-12

31. Webster AMCO-kab American Coot

32. Webster gull-kab Ring-billed Gull


Salisbury Beach 1-24-12

33. Salisbury NOMO-kab Northern Mockingbird


Turkey Hill Road 1-24-12

34. Mute swans 3-kab Mute Swans


Out-of State Birds

35. CT TUVU-kab Turkey Vulture 1-19-12 Willimantic, CT

36. NHOWa-kab Northern Hawk Owl 1-29-12 Palmyra, Maine Life Bird*

It was a fun and busy month of birding. I ended up with 66 species of birds here in Massachusetts and 68 species of birds overall. the last few days of the month I was gone a lot and not able to get out birding again, but I did hear an Eastern Screech Owl on the night of January 27th right after I got home from Connecticut while I was out walking the dog. Then, my final bird was a Common Raven I saw alongside the highway in Haverhill, MA area on our way up to Maine for this past weekend.I beat my last year’s total by 11 species for Massachusetts and 13 species over all.  If you did a Big January please let me know by leaving your total in the comment section below. You can see my complete Big January 2012 Bird List by clicking on the link. I added 6 species to my Massachusetts Life List and 3 species to my Life List so far this year! And to think the year is still young yet!

Our World Tuesday


World Bird Wednesday!

37. Mute Swans 1-kab

Kathie’s Stats Year-to-date

January 2012 Stats Life Year

Total Species

423 68

Total Checklists

3910 84

States Birded In:



166 66


136 23


108 18

New Hampshire

62 3

Big January 2012 Birders and Totals:


  1. Great photo essay and list of birds for Jan. Kathie.

  2. That's wonderful Kathie! What a great "Big January"! How sweet to get some lifers and especially the Northern Hawk Owl. Great photos to accompany. That Bald Eagle, Great Black-backed Gull & American Crow photo is too awesome!

  3. Dan and Donna, Thanks! Whew! I'm exhausted!

  4. Great post, Kathie! Love the colors, especially the Blue Jay!

  5. Hi Katie..You have had a fantastic month with some real great finds especially the Snowy..how great is that!!
    Know wonder you are exhausted after putting this photo essay together ..nice job!!
    Great stats!!
    I have a question for you ..how rare is it to see the Northern Yellow Shafted Flicker in winter in Maine do you know??
    I tryed some things through ebird but couldn't figure out what I was doing lol..I started doing ebird backyard count 2 wks ago..love it!!

  6. Katie...My post today was the Flicker if you have a chance!!

  7. You've worked it hard this year already. These photos are so awesome I wonder if they get loaded with the counts?

    Thanks for the "pop" tip, I found it. Let me know if you see a difference from today on please.

  8. Grammie G, how awesome that you saw the flicker. I love that you captured the yellow under its wings. to answer your question I did some research and this is what I found out:

    I checked on eBird and saw that other people are reporting Northern Flickers in Maine right now with 1 report being by Marshal Illiff, one of the eBird reviewers for my area. It seems that NOFL's can be seen in Maine year round but there are fewer sightings in winter and fewer sightings inland. Most are along the coast. Some of this is due to population density and some due to the fact that there are fewer observers inland. In fact, you are the furthest inland report in the last 30 days! In fact, the 4th week in January has the least fewest reports of this species throughout the year, so good thing you not only reported it but photographed it!

    If you would like to check on this or any other bird sightings yourself, go to eBird and click on the "View and Explore Data" tab. From there you can click on a number of options but to view Maine's report, select "Maine" from the lists of states, then click "the entire region" or whatever else you want, then click continue. From there it will bring up a bar chart of all the species seen in Maine throughout the year. As you scroll down the list you will see a little button next to each species name which says, "map." If you click on the map it will show you where the species has been seen in the state with the most recent sightings as red pins on the map. If you click on the pins it will show you the date and who submitted the sighting. Give it a try and have fun. I can get lost in "Exploring Data!" I did eBird for over 2 years before I even knew that my name was coming up all over the map! LOL!!!

  9. Gaelyn I went to see and it is all looking good! I'm glad it worked out for you! Thanks for stopping by!

    Okay, I am off to bed, but will try to get around to visit more blogs tomorrow! Good night everyone!

  10. Kathie, it was great looking back over your January. Fantastic collection of birds and photos. Well done!

  11. Awesome collection of photos for a great Big January. I ended with 65.

  12. Hi Katie...."THANK YOU" so much ..I appreciate you taken the time ..I think I can get it now ; }

  13. Eileen, thanks!

    Robert, good for you! That's a respectable number. I will have to check in with Larry and see how he did. I think he has us both beat!

    Grammie G, glad to help!

  14. Just amazing. I'm in awe! Wonderful shots; the detail and action. Super collection, Kathie. NO wonder you went without eating yesterday...

  15. Wow Kathie!... you have some wonderful wildlife to share... many thanks for showing all your beautiful images..

  16. Wow Kathie, what a great collection of birds! It's nice to see the Snowy Owl and the shot of the eagle, gull and crow together is amazing!

    I am not really a lister other than I have joined the eBird challenge from Robert and have been pretty good at keeping up. Your post made me go back and count my January list and I counted 101 species! Many of which were from my visit to the Colusa and Sacramento National Wildlife Refuges. The list included 2 lifers also!

  17. What a great collection! Snowy owl is my favourite!

  18. What an amazing and detailed list with lovely photographs. We don't have blue jays here and they are so beautiful I wish we did, also no turkey vultures but I don't care for them!Signing up as a follower.

  19. You are such an organised lister and such an inspiration! What a great photo record you have. (I tend to scribble lists on pieces of paper and pile them up in my glove compartment)

  20. Oh so many wonderful Photos of beautiful birds Kathie. You are trumps!

  21. Awesome collection of birds!

  22. It's amazing the places you've been and the birds you've seen all withing a month's time! You sure have some great photos to look back on!

  23. Holy moly, that's amazing! What a great tally. I especially loved the closups at the feader.


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