Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birds and Snow in Tucson

1. HOFi in snow-kab Female House Finch in Snow-covered Mesquite Tree 2-20-13

An unusual thing happened today. It snowed in Tucson! In some parts of the state we actually had a blizzard! For a few minutes this afternoon it almost felt like that as the wind picked up and the snow rolled in, but after awhile the snow tapered off and started to melt, only to pick up and start falling again this evening.

It’s not like I have never seen snow before. After all I am from New England and I have lived in Idaho, Colorado and Utah. It’s just that it is so unusual here, especially on the valley floor of Tucson. So, I was like a little kid, running from window to window taking pictures and trying to see what I could see. Here are some of the images I captured. Take a good look, because it will probably all be gone by the end of the day tomorrow.

2. Backyard snow-kab My backyard as the snow started.


3. front yard snow-kab View out the front window.

4. balcony-kab Looking out the balcony door.

5. yard-kab 

6. willow acacia tree-kab 

7. bird feeders-kab 

8. feeder close-up-kab Backyard feeders.

9. front view-kab Front Yard again.

10. finch-kab House finch in Mesquite tree

11. HOFI in snow-kab Male House Finch in snow.

12. hummingbird-kab 

13. warblers n verdin-kab Six Yellow-rumped warblers and a Verdin. Do you see them?

14. new feeder-kab I bought this new feeder just in time!

15. goldfinch-kab I filled this small feeder twice today!

16. coopers hawk-kab This Cooper’s Hawk buzzed my feeders at least twice today. I think he is still hungry. I wouldn’t mind if he got a pigeon or a dove but I really didn’t want him to get a goldfinch.

So, the GBBC ended on Monday and I do have pictures and stories. There is still so much to tell. Come back tomorrow for more photos and stories!

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  1. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Way to keep the seed flowing Kathie! You're a life saver!

    1. Thanks Laurence. I also made fresh nectar tonight!

  2. Hi Katie...I saw on the evening news that there was some pretty strong storm out your way!! Did it make you miss New England states ; )
    I feel so bad for those Hummingbirds poor little guys!!

    1. Grace, I don't know if it made me miss the New England States, but it certainly made me THINK of them! LOL! It's fun to see for a day but I am already starting to like my warm weather again. It was 70F the day before and I ate my breakfast outside on the patio! As for the hummingbirds, I am keeping them well fed!

  3. I wonder what the birds thought about the weather!

  4. Great shots of your birds in the snow. I feel sorry for the cute little hummer in the snow. I am sure the snow did not last too long. Have a great day and happy birding!

  5. I think you brought that snow with you from MA, Kathie.{:))

  6. I was ouatside with the cat last evening when the temperature suddenly dropped. I believe we had about 4 inches by 8 p.m. here in the Verde Valley. I haven't checked this morning I have to work so will shortly. Nice shots of the snow and birds, I need to puat some feed out for my local birds this morning. Have a good week and enjoy the snow while it lasts.

  7. Glad you took some photos! My sister called to tell me she was watching it snow, but its nice to see what it looked like. Hard to imagine! Great bird the hawk shot and the first finch shot. The snow is just arriving here...or sleet anyway.

  8. Hi Kathie

    A very neat post I loved the photos. I am sure you enjoyed the snow all the more knowing it would last a day or two not a month or two.

    All the best.


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