Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tumacacori National Historic Park-A Photo Essay

1. Tumacacori Mission-kab Dome of the Tumacacori Mission

During my pursuit of Big January birds I made two visits to the Tumacacori National Historic Park in Santa Cruz, AZ. Besides searching for birds for my Big January list, I also enjoyed the photographic opportunities of this beautiful and historic park. You can see photos of some of the birds I saw over at Birding is Fun today in a post I call, Birds on a Mission. If you want to see the mission, enjoy the photo essay below!

2. mission-kab 

3. mission-kab 

4. tumacacori-kab 

5. mission-kab 

6. ruins-kab 

7. ruins-kab 

8. mountain view-kab 

9. mesquite bosque-kab 

10. adobe hut-kab 

11. child's grave-kab

Come see Birds on a Mission at

Birding is Fun!


  1. I love to travel with you through your images Kathie!

  2. Hi Kathie

    I really enjoyed this it is what I always imagined it would look like from O'Keeffe's paintings.

    All the best.

    1. Guy, did she paint this place? Wow! I LOVE this place! It makes me want to paint again!


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