Friday, February 22, 2013

GBBC Days 2 and 3

1. mt. fagan-kab Mt. Fagan 2-16-13

My quest for birds and birds lists took me all over the Tucson area during the Great Backyard Bird Count. On Saturday Gus took me for a drive to Corona de Tucson which is the small community I lived in when we lived here before. I counted birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count for those 3 years. I had to do at least one count here this time! In the end I submitted 6 bird lists from this area on this day. What surprised me was how few birds I actually saw! I spotted the most birds and got the biggest list from Harrison Road in Sycamore Canyon.

2. curve-billed thrasher-kab Curve-billed Thrasher on Harrison Rd. in Sycamore Canyon

GBBC Day 3

I started day three of the GBBC in Michael Perry Park after counting birds in my own yard first. I counted by yard birds at least twice a day during the GBBC. These are just a few of the birds seen there.

3. plumbeous vireo-kab Plumbeous Vireo in Michael Perry Park 2-17-13

I climbed the bleachers trying to get a good shot of this bird but it kept hiding on me! Most of the shots where of its butt, but I did get this one head shot! I found it in the pine trees near the playground between the basketball court and the baseball field. It was a pleasant surprise and a species I was thrilled to add to the GBBC!

4. amke-kab American Kestrel


4. roadrunner-kab Greater Roadrunner

Question: Why did the Roadrunner cross the road?

Answer: So I could count him for the GBBC of course!

5. roadrunner-kab 

6. roady-kab 

7. crossing road-kab 

8. violet green-kab This is one of three violet-green swallows I found flying over a small wash that feeds into the much larger Pantano wash near the Stella Road Trailhead.

9. nomo-kab Northern Mockingbird in the Pantano Wash of Michael Perry Park

While I was counting birds at Michael Perry Park, Gus was washing his car at home. Afterwards he took me for a drive to Agua Caliente Park where we walked around and counted more birds. the park was quite busy on this glorious Sunday afternoon with lots of picnickers and people with dogs. We walked around the lake and out beyond the Bosque but my list for this area was quite small. I used to see so many birds here when I lived here before but my last few visits here have been quite sparse in the bird department. Still, it’s one of my favorite places in Tucson.

10. agua caliente-kab 

11. cool pool-kab 

12. RN duck-kab Ring-necked Duck 2-17-13


Note: It’s my birthday today so Gus and I are off on an adventure but I will return and add the bird lists here later! Wednesday’s snow has all melted and the sun is shining once again. I did take a drive through Saguaro National park on Thursday and took lots of photos which I hope to share after I post about the last day of the GBBC, which is when I fell in love with Catalina State Park! And while you are waiting, if you like you can click over to Kathie’s Poet Tree to read my new poem, Run to the Wild Places.


  1. Happy birthday and great photos Kathie. Plumbeous Vireo is a sweet find, such a cool bird.

    1. Thanks Laurence, and yes, Plumbeous is a great find! I was thrilled!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Saguaro National Park is lovely. I have such memories of that park! That's one of the four research mountains (Mt. Lemmon area) I worked when I did a stint of fieldwork in AZ.

    1. birdworthy, Saguaro is a real treat! What a great place to do field work!

  3. Happy Birthday again Kathie!

    I love following your birding adventures through your blog and seeing the birds & countryside that you see.

  4. Hi Kathie

    I really enjoyed seeing the Curve-billed Thrasher.
    Happy Birthday.


    1. Guy, I think that is one of the best shots I have ever gotten of one! Thank you! I am so glad that you enjoyed it!


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