Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Year Full of Bird Part 2

1. AMKE reid park-kab American Kestrel at Lakeside Park 1-2-13

There’s nothing like starting out the New Year with an American Kestrel! Chris and I did a Big January together and we hit so many eBird Hotspots within the first two weeks of January! I had no idea then how many birds we would see this year.

2. hepatic tanager in Madera-kab Who doesn’t love seeing a Hepatic Tanager in Madera in winter?

A red bird against the greenery? Even here in Arizona this is Christmasy!

Madera Canyon 1-4-2013


3. CBHawk Tubac-kab I cannot forget watching the Common Black Hawks take to the sky over Tubac at Ron Morris Park 3-12-13. It was a newly discovered eBird Hotspot for us, though I had checked it out when I lived here before. It was not a hotspot then, but it certainly is now!

4. Roosevelt Lake With all of our birding adventures we get to see some amazing scenery, like this view of Roosevelt Lake on March 18, 2013. Chris had never been here before while I had been here once with Gus. After this visit we both want to come back next year!

5. Herring gull Roosevelt lake-kab Herring Gull at Roosevelt Lake 3-18-13


6. Box canyon-kab Chris trying to photograph a bird in Box Canyon 3-20-13


7. flat tire-kab I sure was glad Chris was there to help me change a flat tire after our drive through Box Canyon! That’s what friends are for!

It was Chris’ idea to bird all three canyons in Sierra Vista. I had only been to Ramsey Canyon. The other two were new to me and I am not sure that I would have gone without his encouragement! That’s what friends are for!

8. Ramsey canyon-kab

Black-throated Gray Warbler in Ramsey Canyon 3-23-13


9. LAWO Ash Cyn-kab Ladder-backed Woodpecker at Ash Canyon 3-23-13


10. MSOW-kab Mexican Spotted Owl in Miller Canyon 3-23-13

Life Bird!

11. Franklin gull-kab Franklin’s Gull at Willcox Lake 4-27-13


12. Painted redstart Mt. Ord-kab Painted Bunting 5-4-13

The surreal experience of birding Mt. Ord

13. botteri's sparrow-kab Botteri’s Sparrow on Whitehouse Canyon Road 5-30-2013

Life Bird!


14. Semipalmated plover-kabSemipalmated Plover 8-7-13 at Willcox Lake

1. Blue footed booby-kabBut one of the best was a Blue-footed Booby seen at Patagonia Lake State Park just last month!

Life Bird 457!

Of course, when we are out birding we see lots of other animals as well.

15. turtles in Agua Caliente-kab Turtles at Agua Caliente Park 9-9-12


16. antelope las cienegas-kab Antelope at Las Cienegas 9-16-12


17. coati in madera-kab Coati in Madera Canyon 1-4-13


18. Chris Rohrer-kab Thanks for a great year Chris!


19. Agua Caliente Park-kabAnd to think it all started at Agua Caliente Park 9-9-2012!

These are but a few of the photos of our birding adventures this year. I have so many more photos and stories to go, but I wanted to celebrate this year of birding together and becoming friends. I know it has been a big change in my life and in my birding. I know one day i will slow down but since Chris is 15 years younger than me, I hope he will carry on this birding life and when I am older and grayer he will still be birding and perhaps taking me along with him, even if he has to push me in a wheel chair!

Chris is not the only birding buddy I have, but since he lives the closest we spend the most time together. My friends mean everything to me and I feel that finding and keeping a good friend is one of life’s greatest treasure. So here is a brief shout out to my other dear friends, Kathryn Kelley, Dawn Fine, and Celeste Troon, you know I love you too!

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  1. Beautiful colourful birds in this post Kathie, the Woodpecker is a perfect specimen.

  2. HI Katie I loved reading about the year in the life of Kathie's birding adventures. Wonderful shots of the birds and animals and I am so pleased that you managed some new birds. My favorite is the woodpecker.

  3. You two have certainly seen some great birds this year. That Common Black Hawk has an impressive underwing, and I do like the Hapatic Tanager. It does seem like Christmas!

  4. You've just lifted me out of my "heck, what a crazy week its been" blues! Great shots and congratulations on the lifers!

  5. I think you've found a wonderful combination of birding and friends.

  6. Birding ~ Friends~ what more could you ask for ~ Birding with your Friends!! Beautiful photos

  7. So many great photos! I love the feather pattern on the hawk's tail and wings while in flight. Seeing owls always impresses me. Congratulations on that Blue-footed Booby. It reminded me that I have a more fuel efficient car now so I'll be able to chase a few rarities if they pop up in or near Connecticut.

  8. Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments. I am so glad you liked this post. I was on vacation when it posted, and so was unable to reply sooner.


Welcome to my nest! I hope you will enjoy spending time here with me and the birds. Thank you for your comments. I will try to get back to you as soon as I get back from counting more birds.