Friday, September 6, 2013

Life Bird 457 Blue-footed Booby

1. Blue footed booby-kab Juvenile Blue-footed Booby at Patagonia Lake S.P. 8-17-13

On August 17th Chris Rohrer and I set out to find the Blue-footed Booby at Patagonia Lake State Park. The Blue-footed Booby is an ABA Rare Bird Code 4. This bird does not belong in the desert. It belongs in the Sea of Cortez and southward to the Galapagos, yet here is is in our state and people are flocking from everywhere to see it. Yes, this is a bird I never thought I would see, but here it was in front of my eyes. It flew past us several times as we stood on the small dock near the visitor’s center. While Chris had seen this bird in Mexico on his travels, it was a Life Bird for me! Below are the best of my 49 shots I took of this bird! What a thrill!

2. BFBO-kab 

3. wing-kab 

4. booby in desert-kab 

5. bfbo patagonia lake-kab 

6. wings span-kab 

7. juv bluefooted booby-kab Juvenile Blue-footed Booby at Patagonia Lake State Park 8-17-2013



  1. Great shots of your Blue footed Booby. Congrats on the lifer! Happy birding and have a great weekend!

  2. I am still in awe of this sighting. I may never see one for myself so sure am glad you two did.

  3. Fantastic shots. I would love to see that bird someday. would have to travel to see it but perhaps someday.

  4. Hey Kathie, congrats on the lifer and on your excellent photos!

  5. You got some great shots of that bird you thought you would never see Kathie.


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