Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Year Full of Birds-a Photographic Essay Part 1

DSC_0014 Pacific loon

Pacific Loon in Christopher Columbus Park 1-19-2013

Yesterday I posted about first meeting Chris Rohrer and how we became friends. Today I as posting pictures of some of the best birds we have seen together in the past year. Many of them were Life Birds for both of us! Enjoy!

2. GT towhee at Agua Caliente Park-kab Green-tailed Towhee at Agua Caliente Park 9-9-13

3. CATO Las Cienegas-kab Canyon Towhee at Las Cienegas 9-16-13

4. LABU Mile wide road-kab Lark Buntings on Milewide Road in Tucson 10-28-13

5. egret GWR-kab Snowy Egret at Gilbert Water Ranch 11-12-12

6. Osprey at Gilbert Water ranch-kab Osprey at  Gilbert Water Ranch 11-12-12

I remember that Chris was so excited to get a photo of the Osprey!

7. GREG FT Lowell park-kab Great Egret at Fort Lowell Park in Tucson 12-8-12

I had never been to Fort Lowell Park before. It was Chris’ idea to go here.


8. LISP Santa Cruz river-kab Lincoln Sparrow at the Santa Cruz River in Marana 12-29-13

9. Reid Park Cassin's Kingbird-kab We started our Big January with a Cassin’s Kingbird in Reid Park!

10. Reid Park Black-crowned Night Heron Reid Park 1-1-13

11. WWDraw-kab Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw 1-3-13

12. Ferruginous hawk Kansas settlement-kab Ferruginous Hawk in the Sulphur Springs Valley 1-3-13

13. merlin Rio Rico-kab I found this Merlin in Rio Rico. It was a Life Bird for Chris! 1-3-13

14. RCKI Christopher Columbus park-kab Ruby-crowned Kinglet at Christopher Columbus Park 1-19-13

15. Bendire's Thrasher-kab Bendire’s Thrasher seen on the Santa Cruz Flats 1-19-13

This was a Life Bird for us both!


16. Chris and Rich-kab Chris Rohrer and Rich Hoyer looking at a Sage Sparrow on the Santa Cruz Flats 1-19-13 (you can see why it’s called the “flats!”)


17. RWSP Catalina SP-CRohrer Rufous-winged Sparrow at Catalina S.P. 2-18-13

I met Chris at Catalina State park one day after work and we hiked the birding trail. Since he did not have his camera, I let him use mine while I watched birds through my binoculars. That’s what friends are for!

18. birding tr Catalina SP Here I am hiking down the birding trail! 2-18-13

19. sunset catalina sp-kab Sunset at Catalina State Park 2-18-13

I took my camera back to snap this shot of the sunset at Catalina State Park on this day in February. Chris and I have seen so many sunsets together just because we are out looking for birds and because Arizona has gorgeous sunsets! I hope you come back for part 2 of A Year Full of Birds.


  1. This is a nice walk down memory lane:)

  2. It's interesting to see the special birds you've seen together. I rather like the Green-tailed Towhee and wonder how you say it. The Lincoln's Sparrow is another attractive one.

  3. Great to have a friend like Chris. Love the cranes!

  4. Wonderful photos Katie. A very warm tribute to friendship, enjoying a hobby that turns into a life long passion and to our beautiful feathered friends! I adore the Kinglet photo!!

  5. Hi Katie.. What year you have had in man way's!!
    A year in review of wonderful shot's of beautiful birds!!
    I especially like the Little Egret shot with the light shining through it's feathers!!


  6. Kathie, what a great post and look back. Wonderful life birds and gorgeous photos. Happy Birding!

  7. Super post Kathie. your photos are marvelous, especially that off-taking Lark Bunting!

  8. You two have made a definite dent in the AZ bird list together.

  9. The Osprey is a really special bird here Kathie, we get to see (using a scope) a few that spend summer on a nearby Reservoir although you just cant get that close to them.

  10. Many fantastic photos-love the sunset scene but that night-heron shot is awesome! Wow! what a close-up!


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