Friday, March 14, 2014

Postcards From Florida

3-3-14 pond at 6 mile cypress slough

Six Mile Cypress Slough in Fort Myers 3-3-14

These are just a few of the pictures I took with my cell phone while on the train and in Florida. While some people have already seen these on my Facebook page, I realize that many others have not and now that I am home, this was an easy way to share them all with everyone. Enjoy!

2-15-14 the strange safari woman-a


This photo was taken in Maine before I left on the day I purchased my new birding vest. I was wearing this outfit down in Florida when my brother’s neighbor spotted me and warned his wife about the “strange safari woman” looking at his house! Little did she know that I was looking at the birds in his trees! As for the “strange safari woman” title? I’ll own it!





 2-21-14 New London Train station New London Train Station 2-21-14


2-21-14 Mom on train-a Mom on the train 2-21-14



2-21-14 NYC fog-a New York City Fog 2-21-14


2-21-14 selfie on train-a “Selfie” on train 2-21-14


2-22-14 view out train window View out the train window 2-22-14

We woke up this morning and there was no snow on the ground!

2-22-14 me on my birthday Selfie of me on my birthday in Florida 2-22-14


2-22-14 Stephens pool at night My brother’s pool at night 2-22-14

His pool was heated and we went swimming almost every night!


2-24-14 Florida sunset on a canal Cape Coral Sunset 2-24-14


2-24-14 Florida sunshine View from my brother’s front yard. He has since sold this house. 2-24-14


2-24-14 in search of a scrub jay The vacant lot in Cape Coral where I searched unsuccessfully for the endangered Florida Scrub Jay 2-24-14


2-24-14 my room in Florida This is where I slept and yes it was that green!


2-25-14 a queit cornerI found this quiet corner of the canal on one of my numerous walks around the neighborhood counting birds. I found a pair of Common Gallinules hanging out here. 3-25-14

2-25-14 canal corner Another view of the quiet corner.


2-26-14 foggy canal across the street A foggy morning in this Cape Coral Neighborhood 2-26-14

The following pictures were all taken in my brother’s neighborhood on February 26 in the morning before we went to the Babcock Ranch. I just loved the beauty and mystery of the fog.

2-26-14 morning fog at the canal bridge 

2-26-14 my brother's street-a 

2-26-14 spider web at the canal-a 

2-26-14 sunrise silouette in Cape Coral 

2-26-14 tea cup morning I used that coffee cup the whole time I was in Florida and when I left my sister-in-law gave it to me along with its twin! Thank you Donna!

 Babcock Ranch Preserve

2-26-14 gators at Babcaock Alligators in the swamp at the Babcock Ranch Preserve 2-26-14


2-26-14 mangrove swamp at Babcock Wildlife Ranch Cypress Swamp at the Babcock Ranch Preserve 3-26-14


2-26-14 Tucker the gater at babcock Tucker the ‘Gator at the Babcock Ranch Preserve 3-26-14

My Brother’s House

2-27-14 teh table where I wroteThis is the table where I sat and blogged!


2-28-14 Red's Tavern on Pine islandThis is where we ate the night we took a ride out to Pine Island. We liked it so much we came back here the night before we left and it was on our drive back to Cape Coral that I saw the Black-crowned Night Heron on the wires alongside the Pine Island Road . 2-28-14

3-1-14 a place to sip tea I sat here most mornings drinking my tea or coffee and eating my breakfast! Out here I could see and hear Common Grackles, Northern Mockingbirds and Palm Warblers! 3-1-14

3-1-14 Purple martin houses-a Around the Corner from the Quiet corner of the canal was this house with numerous Purple Martin Houses set up along with numerous Purple martins! I just loved seeing and hearing them flying overhead!


More postcards tomorrow…


  1. Lovely postcards from Florida.. Cute shots of your mom and the selfie.. The scenery is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, happy birding.

  2. Such a nice break from Maine's cold and a bonus to travel with your Mom.

  3. Your new vest and the hat make you look as if you could be hired as a birding guide!

    1. Happy Wanderer, I have considered that, but believe it or not, I still don't feel like I am qualified!


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