Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Vultures and the Eagle

1. turkey vultrues-kab Turkey Vultures eating turkey carcass 3-5-14

From the morning I woke up on the train in Florida I started seeing Turkey Vultures everywhere. Sometimes the flocks of them would be so large. If you northerners want to know where your Turkey Vultures are in winter, well, they had the good sense to fly south to Florida! On one of the last days at my brother’s house, he took the carcass from a turkey his wife had cooked a few days ago and put it across the street in the vacant lot. It wasn’t long before the show began and vulture after vulture came in to feed.

2. feasting-kab 

3. wings-kab 

But the feast was soon put to an end when this guy fly in!

4. eagle-kab The Bald Eagle flew down and before I could even snap a photo it grabbed the carcass and flew off with it, leaving the bewildered vultures to fight over the scraps!

5. fighting-kab 

6. more fighting-kab

While the eagle and the vultures are similar in size, the Bald Eagle has the advantage as its feet and talons are meant for grasping while the vultures are not. In any situation like this, the eagle always wins!

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  1. What a sight to see! Cool post and great captures, Kathie!

  2. Hi Katie wonderful captures of these birds. I am on holidays so I am looking forward to reading and seeing your Florida adventure now.

  3. You did well with the Vultures. We saw them on the Californian coast and I didn't have much luck capturing images.

  4. wow, marvlous images. Loved to see it. :)


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