Monday, September 22, 2014

Foggy Morning Photo Essay

1. DSC_0464 Great Blue Heron 8-26-2014


2. DSC_0459 


3. warbler-kab 


4. phoebe-kab Eastern Phoebe

5. heron-kab 


6. boats-kab 


7. flowers-kab 

A Foggy Morning on Mere Point

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Note: The former post used cell phone shots. These are the photos I took with my Nikon D80.

8. foggy road-kab


  1. Replies
    1. Chris, come back to Maine and I promise you will experience more of these!

  2. Love fog. It makes everything slurry and gentle. Sorry I have not visit more Kathie, I'll have to do a great catch-up soon.

    1. Arija, that's fine! I always love to see you here but please, no pressure! Just relax and enjoy!

  3. I love birding in the mist as well, the ethereal feel of the day creates a special feeling alright :)

    1. Thanks, Ashley. I am glad you feel the same way!

  4. Lovely foggy shots Kathie. Not great for birding though.

  5. Roy, while the birding and the photography is a challenge, it is still fun and I love it when that "mystery bird" flies out of the fog and over your head!


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