Sunday, September 21, 2014

Labor Day on Bailey Island

DSC_0470 September 1, 2014 View from Bailey Island in Harpswell, Maine

Just one look at the photo about is enough to remind me I no longer live in the desert! I had family visiting me over Labor Day, and though they are from Maine, they had never been to Bailey Island, so we hopped in the car and took a drive! Everyplace I have lived has its own colors, and these are the colors of the Coast of Maine!


DSC_0473 Great Black-backed Gull


DSC_0478 Black Guillemot in Winter plumage already!

I was a bit thrown off when I first saw this black and white bird swimming and diving in  the cove off Bailey Island. I knew it wasn’t a duck by its bill, but I knew it wasn’t a gull because it kept diving below the surface! I was totally stumped until I looked it up and discovered that Black Guillemots molt to this color for winter!

 Well, I just learned something new!

DSC_0485 Now if I see one again, I will know what I am looking at!


DSC_0486 A lone laughing gull flew overhead as well.

While it’s not the best photo or lighting, you can see it is starting to molt out of its summer black hood as well. All signs that Fall and then Winter are not too far away!


  1. Definitely not the desert! I cannot imagine living where there is so little water as in the desert. When I visit my sister, I always love getting back home where things are green and alive! These are beautiful photos of the water and birds. Certainly a whole different sort of life then you had in the desert.

    1. Mary, it sure is, but I love them both and often find myself feeling torn about where I want to live!


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