Thursday, September 4, 2014

World Shorebirds Day

1. World Shorebirds Day label 

Tomorrow is World Shorebird’s Day!

It’s actually three days (September 5-7) to count and appreciate all the world’s shorebirds which are busy migrating right now! Just yesterday I saw Semipalmated Sandpipers and Semipalmated Plovers at the Boat Launch, as well as a Greater Yellowlegs! Other than a Spotted Sandpiper seen there a week or so ago, they are the first shorebirds I have seen at the boat launch since moving here! I have registered to count shorebirds at four sites close to me, with the Mere Point Boat Launch being one of them. Below are just a few of the shorebirds I saw two weeks ago when I went birding with Cynthia Cage here in Maine. More on that to come, but for now…I need to get ready to bird! See links below for more info!

2. black-bellied plover-kab Black-bellied Plover 8-21-14 Pine Point, Scarborough, Maine

3. dowitcher-kab Short-billed Dowitcher 8-21-14


These are my register sites:

(Click on the links to see the most current eBird list of sightings at these eBird Hotspots.)

4. shorebirds-kab Mixed Flock of shorebirds at Pine Point, Scarborough, Maine


Welcome to my nest! I hope you will enjoy spending time here with me and the birds. Thank you for your comments. I will try to get back to you as soon as I get back from counting more birds.