Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just a few Yard Birds

1. rthu male-kab Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird 8-17-14

With migration already underway in August, this might have been the last male Ruby-throated hummingbird I saw for the season.

2. tuvu-kab Turkey Vultures are migrating as well, but I have still seen a few around town.

I saw this one flying over my yard on August 17th.

3. chipping sparrow-kab Chipping sparrows 8-17-14

Chipping Sparrows are still here but will soon be gone as well.

4. juv chipping sparrow-kabA juvenile Chipping Sparrow waits for a turn at the feeder 8-17-14


5. immature broadwing hawk-kab Immature Broad-winged Hawk 8-19-14

On certain days I have seen 6-8 Broad-wings migrating over my yard at one time!

6. female rubythroat-kab My last female Ruby-throat was seen just a few days ago on September 24.

There were plenty of female hummingbirds still hanging around Mere Point until the spotted jewelweed they were feeding on wilted. Their numbers dropped off dramatically after that!

7. blue jay-kab The Blue Jays are back in force after being elusive all summer! 9-24-14


8. goldfinches-kab Goldfinches are already molting back to their dull winter plumage 9-24-14


9. birds at feeder-kab I’m already preparing for winter by moving the feeders into positions where I cannot only see the birds, but can get to the feeders more easily. I just moved this feeder over to the south side of the house where it can be seen from the dining room windows! I had to get the pole in the ground while it was still unfrozen!

It will be fun to see what bird species this Fall and winter brings. I am hoping I will finally cross the 100 species mark for Yard Birds!

Note: My camera lens motor is failing me and I really need to decide if I am going to buy a new lens or a new camera. Please bear with me while I figure this out. In the meantime, my photos are a bit more fuzzy because the camera chatters and shakes whenever I try to focus on anything. I usually wait until it stops to snap the photo, but by then the birds have usually flown away form the noise! Grrrr! If I change cameras, then I will have to get a new photo processing program as the one I have goes with my Nikon D80. So, we will see!


  1. What a bummer Kathie with your lens packing up. I have a spare 300mm Nikon lens as I mainly use my Canon with the 500mm for birds and my nikon for general shots and macro. I'd gladly send it over if it is any use to you. I have a Nikon DX, will that fir your camera? Are you quite sure it is the lens and not the camera itself???
    Love your Hummingbirds, what a pity they have left for a warmer wintering place. You must begging into the season of fabulous fall colour. I often Miss Vermont very deeply, especially in the fall.
    Hope all else is great in your life since you are back to your roots.
    Hugs . . .

    1. Arijah, thank you for your kind offer. I do not know if that lens will fit my camera, but I will be alright. gus will buy me a new lens as soon as I figure out what I want to do. Further research is needed before I decide.

      Autumn is full upon us now and growing more beautiful every today. I am enjoying this change in season but I am not looking forward to the cold and snow to come! However, the birds are always fun to see, no matters what the season!

  2. Hello Kathie, I love your cute hummer.. It is sad to see them leave. Nice variety of yardbirds. Sorry about your lens. Happy Birding and enjoy your Sunday.

    1. Eileen, thank you so much. It's time for the hummers to go, but its nice to know they will return again in the spring! Something to look forward to! I will get the camera/lens thing figured out here soon.

  3. HI Katie These are all great shots, love the Chipping Sparrow (3rd shot) and the Blue Jay, of courshe Hummingbirds are wonderful and that last shot is great fun to see all the birds at your feeders. Sorry to hear about your camera, I am having to replace my camera abut I do not use the system for my camera's anyway but Picasa so that part is OK for me although I will have to get me head around a new camera.

    1. Margaret, thank you for your kind comment and words of encouragement. It will all work itself out soon, I think!

  4. Seeing your birds always makes me feel so good. Thanks Kathie and have a great week.

    1. Thank you, Denise! I am glad my birds make you happy!

  5. Hi Kathie!
    Its interesting how same kind situation are also here, the other side of the world (in Finland, northern Europe)! Migration was at best during august and septemper. Now I planning put feeders to other place, so I could take better photos.

    Have nice birding days!


    1. Anu, it seems everything we do affects the rest of the world. None of us is alone or isolated anymore. We all need to care about each other!


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