Friday, January 23, 2015

Japanese Angelica Tree with Warblers

1. Pine Warbler Pine Warbler 10-10-2014 Mere Point Yard

It seems that autumn was so long ago, and the colors of autumn appear so bright and bold against this current monochrome winter landscape. During fall migration my yard was filled with warblers for at least two weeks as these tiny, but colorful birds descended on these plants in my back yard. These colorful pants were filled with berries and birds and it took some research and the help of some facebook friends to help me discover what species of plant it is.

2. japanese angelica 10-6-14 Japanese Angelica Trees in Autumn 10-6-14

This is what the trees look like at the corner of my yard.

3. close up of japanese Angelica 10-6-14 This is a close-up of one of the leaves.

“The leaves are bi- or tri-pinnately compound” (*see link below)

Pinnate means: having the characteristics of a feather or wing.

4. leaf joints on anjelica 10-6-14 They are attached to these thorny stems or trunk, and drop from this joint leaving a long stick that is bare and points to the sky in winter.


5. reaching for the sky 10-6-14 This one must be at least 15 feet tall!

My research revealed that Japanese Angelica is considered an invasive species in some states, though I could not find anything about it on the Maine website of invasive species. The best info I found was on a Pennsylvania website. I’ve included all the links below at the end of this post. But the birds didn’t care about any of that. They just wanted the berries and they ate them every day until they were gone. I saw fewer warblers after that! All these photos were taken between October 6 through October 10th, 2014 in my own yard.

6. black-throated blue warbler-kab Black-throated Blue Warbler 10-10-14


7. unknown warbler-kab Palm Warbler eating Japanese Angelica fruit


8. palm warbler-kab Palm Warbler on Japanese Angelica leaf


9. yellow-rumped warbler-kab Yellow-rumped Warbler with Angelica berries


10. looking cute-kab Yellow-rumped Warbler


11. there's a warbler in there-kab There’s a warbler in there somewhere!


  1. Hello Kathie, I love all the warblers and the pretty fall colors.. It is a pretty tree! I hope you are feeling better. Have a happy weekend!

    1. Eileen, with all this winter gray, these colors are a feast for the eyes! Thank you! I hope you had a good weekend as well!

  2. It must be nice to be able to look back on those beautiful colours and the birds that came to eat the berries when you are surrounded by snow!

  3. pretty tree...even if it is invasive. nice colors!! cute warblers!! i like that last shot with the little head tilt!! :)

    1. Hello Laura! Long time no hear from you! Nice to "see" you again! I like the colors and the birds as well! Thank you!

  4. Lovely pics Kathy!!! I'm longing for warmer weather!

    1. Kerri, it looks like we will have a long wait for warmer weather! Bundle up! Perhaps this blizzard will blow in some good birds!


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