Monday, January 26, 2015

Preparing for a Blizzard

1. looking towards the bay Saturday’s Snow in the yard 1-24-15

On Saturday I knew a storm was coming, so Gus and I got up early to go to the store for groceries and supplies. But since the snow was coming and I had been stuck inside all week except for doctor’s appointments, I decided I needed to squeeze in a little bit of birding on the way to the store.

2. Husband patiently waiting 1-24-15 So Gus drove me slowly along Rossmore and Mere Point Roads.

I asked him to pull over on Rossmore Road so I could get out and walk.

3. rossmore road creek 1-24-14a The marsh was gently quiet and I relished the sounds of birds.

it felt good to walk and breathe fresh air and smell the pines and spruces.

As a few flakes started to fall I knew we should get to the store.

4. Topsham Fair mall 1-24-15 By the time we were done shopping the parking lot looked like this!


5. Saturday's storm 1-24-15 By the end of the day our driveway looked like this!


6. driveway 1-26-15 By Sunday morning the newscaster were predicting the coming blizzard.

Yet the skies were so blue and my driveway looked like this.

7. filling feeders before the storm 1-25-15 So Gus filled all my feeders for me…

And then we did the most logical thing…

He took me birding again before the storm!

8. searching for a pintail duck 1-25-15 I saw on the MAINE Birds Facebook page that someone had seen a Northern Pintail Duck in West Bath. I had not seen a Northern Pintail Duck in the State of Maine yet, so off we went! We found the pond with loads of ducks.

9. its in there somewhere 1-25-15a And in the midst of over 100 mallards, I found my Northern Pintail taking a nap!

(unfortunately you cannot see him in this cell photo but I have a picture to post later)

The Northern Pintail Duck makes Species 199 for my Maine Life List! I wonder what species number 200 will be? Arizona is my only state with over 300 bird species. At the moment, Maine is the closest to reaching the 200 species mark for me!

10. rolling waves at Popham beach 1-25-15 Then, for a change of scenery, we decided to drive to Fort Popham in Phippsburg.

As we drove along the road we stopped to watch the waves roll in on Popham Beach! At Fort Popham I counted Common Eiders, Herring Gulls, Great Black-backed Gulls, Red-breasted Mergansers, Rock Pigeons, and a Common Loon, but nothing new for this year. Being the greedy birder that I am, I wanted to find one more bird! So, I put out a call for Hooded Mergansers sightings on Maine Birds. I chased down a lead that led me to a new eBird Hotspot that I had not heard of.

looking for birds at bay bridge-1-25-15 I found myself at Bay Bridge Landing off the Old Bath Road near Brunswick.

What a pretty spot!

Bay Bridge Landing Wetland Park

But the tidal pool where the mergansers were seen two days ago was totally frozen over. As the water shifted beneath the ice, I listened to it crack and shift.

11. afternoon sun at Bay bridge park 1-26-15 I watched the late afternoon sun setting over the Androscoggin River.

The only birds I saw and heard, were chickadees and crows.

Time to head home and prepare for the worst!

The Sunday night news was filled with predictions of the worst blizzard of the decade!

12. sunlight through window 1-26-14 With the sunlight streaming through my windows this morning,

it’s hard to believe it is coming!

13. cottage window 1-26-15 Such a pleasant winter scene out my kitchen window!

But, I do take this seriously, so…

14. boiling eggs 1-26-15 I am boiling eggs!

I need to get all my cooking done before we lose power!

At least we can eat hard boiled eggs, or make deviled eggs with them!

15. water 1-26-15 A half empty freezer is not good, so I am filling plastic containers to freeze.


16. making ice 1-26-15 It will stay frozen longer if the freezer is full of ice!

However, I still see some empty space I need to fill!

I am getting all my laundry done and tonight we will fill containers with water so we can flush the toilet. When you lose power in the country you cannot flush your toilets because the well pump runs off electricity. It is a different story when you live in town and have a town water supply.

17. will the birch tree fall 1-26-15In the backyard, I’ve had my eye on this leaning birch tree ever since we moved in here.

We’ve had plenty of snow, wind and rain storms in the year since we moved here and still it stands, but will it be able to stand 2 to 3 feet of snow and wind gusts upwards of 50 to 70 MPH?

Will I?

I’ll let you know when it’s all over!

blue jay at feeder 1-26-15Meanwhile, my sweet guy is keeping the feeders full for me and the birds!


that's my guy 1-25-15a That’s my Gus!

2015 Stats

  Life Year Month
2015 Year Birds 478 51 51
2015 Maine Birds 199 51 51
2015 Yard Birds 109 36 36
2015 Checklists 7451 77 77


  1. Hi Kathie

    All the best, it looks like you are well prepared.


  2. How fun! I love storms like these. We have our own here brewing but nothing like yours. Stay warm and deviled eggs sounds delish.

    1. Chris, I am trying! I would love it more if I had an alternate heat source!

  3. Glad you got some birding in before the Big storm and it sounds like you are well prepared except for heat. Have you considered a propane Mr Heat Buddy?

    1. Gaelyn, I had not heard of that. I will have to check it out, but too late for this go 'round!

  4. Hello Kathie, this storm seems to be a dud for us.. Just a light snow all day amounted to practically nothing.. I hope you keep your power and stay safe there. At least you will be prepared.. Have a happy week ahead!

    1. Hi, Eileen! Be glad it was a dud. I am hoping this will be more hype than substance, but you can't take any chances. We are doing our best to be prepared! I am hoping we will not need the things we have done!

  5. Thanks for taking u along to see all the birds you saw. The snow make s the photos lovely however I hope you are OK in the big storm heading your way. You certainly are prepared.

    1. Margaret, so far, so good. the wind is howling and gusting and snow is blowing everywhere, but at least so far we have not lost power!


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