Thursday, February 5, 2015

Big January Birds

1. DSC_0598b bluebirds-kab Eastern Bluebirds in Lisbon, ME 1-16-2015

My Big January this year was a bit limited in scope due to my recent surgery and then a fall which resulted in a dislocated shoulder. Still, for being in Maine in winter, and limited to mostly birding in my own yard or when my husband or my daughter took me out for a drive, I did not do too bad. My Big January Total was 54 species. When going through these photos I finally identified a Red-necked Grebe I saw on Bailey Island on January 2nd. These are the birds I was able to photograph with the complete list posted at the end, as well as my current eBird stats.

DSC_0246 Cooper's hawk Mere Point Road-kab Cooper’s Hawk on Mere Point Road 1-1-2015

DSC_0251 Barred Owl Rossmore Road-kab Barred Owl on Rossmore Road in Brunswick 1-1-2015

DSC_0318 grebe Bailey Island Red-necked Grebe Bailey Island 1-2-2015

DSC_0326 Black guillemot Bailey isalnd-kab Black Guillemot Bailey Island 1-2-2015

DSC_0353 CANG Bailey Is-kab Canada Geese, Bailey Island 1-2-2015

DSC_0359 COEI Bailey Island-kab Common Eiders, Bailey Island 1-2-2015

DSC_0366a COLO Bailey Is-kab Common Loon, Bailey Island 1-2-2015

DSC_0373 ROPI Bailey Island-kab Rock Pigeons on a rooftop, Bailey Island, ME 1-2-2015

DSC_0377 Stralings on Bailey Is-kab European Starlings in tree on Bailey Island 1-2-2015

DSC_0379 Mere Point yard-kab Northern Cardinal and Dark-eyed Junco Mere Point Cottage yard 1-4-15

DSC_0406 Buffleheads at MP Boat launch-kab Female Buffleheads, Mere Point Boat Launch 1-6-15

DSC_0430 COGE in Bath-kab Common Goldeneyes, Bath, ME 1-10-15

DSC_0471 Ring-billed Gull in Bath-kab Ring-billed Gull, Bath, ME 1-10-15

DSC_0475 Crow Bath, ME American Crow, South End Launch Facility, Bath, ME 1-10-15

DSC_0508 Common Mergansers Topsham-kab Common Mergansers in the Androscoggin River, Topsham, ME 1-11-15

Seen from the parking lot on Bowdoin Island

Seadog Brewing Company is the eBird Hotspot

DSC_0525 Scaups mere Point Boat launch-kab Greater Scaup, Mere Point Boat Launch 1-11-2015

DSC_0530 WITU Mere Point-kab Wild Turkeys, Mere Point Road 1-12-15


DSC_0566 Bald Eagles Bath-kab Immature Bald Eagles, North Boat Launch, Bath, ME 1-13-15

DSC_0606 Hairy woodpecker-kab Hairy Woodpecker Grammie’s Ramblings yard 1-16-14

DSC_0613b Eastern Bluebird-kab Eastern Bluebird, Grammie’s Ramblings Lisbon, ME 1-16-15


DSC_0618 Common redpolls-kab Common Redpolls, Mere Point Cottage 1-18-2015

DSC_0632 Hermit Thrush my yard-kab Hermit Thrush, Mere Point Cottage 1-18-2015

DSC_0642 Cedar Waxwings my yard-kab Cedar Waxwings in my front yard bushes 1-21-2015

DSC_ 0664 Northern pintail duck-kab Northern Pintail Duck 1-25-15 West Bath, ME


Many THANKS to my husband and daughter who drove me all over the place and my friend, Grace of Grammie’s Ramblings who let me drop in on her in more ways than one! I wanted to go farther and see more, but I am happy with all the birds I saw. The Northern Pintail Duck was a new species to my Maine Life List, so that was an added bonus. I kept hoping to see a Brown Creeper in time to add to my Big January Bird Count, because I know they are around here, but one did not show up in my yard until yesterday. While it did not make it onto my Big January Bird Count, it did make it my 55th species of the year. Now I just need to get out and find some more birds…if it would only stop snowing!

Big January Bird List

Species Location Date

1. Red-tailed Hawk

Mere Point Yard 1-1-2015
2. Mourning Dove    
3. Red-bellied woodpecker    
4. Downy Woodpecker    
5. Hairy Woodpecker    
6. Blue Jay    
7. American Crow    
8. Black-capped Chickadee    
9. Tufted Titmouse    
10. White-breasted Nuthatch    
11. American Tree Sparrow    
12. White-throated Sparrow    
13. Dark-eyed Junco    
14. Northern Cardinal    
15. House Finch    
16. American Goldfinch    
17. Common Eider Mere Point Boat Launch  
18. Black Scoter    
19. Cooper’s Hawk Mere Point Road  
20. Herring Gull Mere Point Road  
21. Barred Owl Rossmore Road    
22. Ring-billed Gull Wharton Point  
23. Wild Turkey Maquoit Road  
24. Bald Eagle Maine St. Brunswick 1-2-2015
25. Rock Pigeon Brunswick  
26. Long-tailed Duck Orr’s Island  
27. Bufflehead    
28. Canada Goose Bailey Island  
29. Mallard    
30. Surf Scoter    
31. Red-breasted Merganser    
32. Common Loon    
33. Red-necked Grebe    
34. Black Guillemot    
35. Great Black-backed Gull    
36. European Starling    
37. American Robin Mere Point Cottage 1-3-15
38. Pine Siskin    
39. Common Merganser Topsham 1-6-15
40. American Black Duck Mere Point Boat Launch  
41. Common Goldeneye    
42. Purple Finch Mere Point Cottage 1-7-15
43. Red-breasted Nuthatch Brunswick Landing 1-10-15
44. Eastern Bluebird North End Launch Facility, Bath  
45. Common Redpoll Mere Point Cottage 1-11-15
46. Pileated Woodpecker Mere Point Road  
47. Greater Scaup Mere Point Boat Launch  
48. Hermit Thrush Mere Point Cottage 1-18-15
49. Sharp-shinned Hawk Mere Point Cottage 1-21-15
50. Cedar Waxwing    
51. Common Raven West Bath, Me 1-23-15
52. Northern Pintail Duck West Bath, ME 1-25-15
53. White-winged Scoter Mere Point Cottage 1-28-15
54. Hoary Redpoll* Mere Point Cottage 1-29-15

*While I do not have a photo of this bird, I believe I did see a Hoary Redpoll. It was much lighter and a bit bigger than the other redpolls it was hanging out with. It seemed to have that pug faced look that is described in the bird books. It was so strikingly different than the other redpolls, but I did not get a look at its rump to see the white patch there. I was busy talking on the phone to a friend at the time. When she hung up the bird was gone and I could not find it again. This is a Life Bird for me, so I am in a bit of a quandary because I want to feel confident that I actually saw this bird. For the moment I do have it on my eBird List, but I sure would feel better if it came back and I got a photo of it!

Current 2015 Stats Life Year Month
Species seen 479 55 24
Checklists submitted 7468 91 7
Mere Point Cottage Species 111 39 23


  1. Fabulosa!!!!! Lots of good birds. Don't get a photo of that redpoll:)

  2. Sorry to hear about your injuries...We can see that your camera and eye for the aesthetic are in great shape, there is no damage there
    Wishing you a fast recovery

  3. So many beautiful birds, the eastern bluebird and cardinals are my favourites. Thanks

    1. Gillian, thank you! Cardinals were my Nana's favorite bird.

  4. Hi Katie. You managed a lot of yard birds for January but my favorite is the Bluebird. Hope your health keeps improving so you can go further afield

  5. Hi Kathie, I hope you are recovering from your fall. You have a nice list of birds for January..The Hoary Redpoll was a great sighting, congrats.. Happy Birding!

    1. Eileen, I am getting better everyday! next week I start PT, barring anymore snow storms of course!


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