Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Remembering Blossom

1. Blossom 5-22-14a Blossom 5-22-2014

It was a sad weekend around here. Our little dog of 14 years died of congestive heart failure. We adopted her when we lived in Utah. She was born in early February of 2001.

2. blossom 2001 Blossom was part Japanese Chin and part Toy American Eskimo.

It’s the Japanese Chin you see in her though.

3. Blossom March 2001 She was suppose to be my dog, and as a pup, I carried her everywhere.

4. Where Gus & Blossom spent the day But she quickly decided Gus was the man for her!



When he went to work, she would wait for him at the door or the window.

Blossom always loved her walks with her man.

DSCN0329 Utah c2006  Gus and Blossom on the Bluff Road Trail in Syracuse, UT circa 2006.

Gus had to fish her out of a green slime covered canal that ran alongside this trail once when Blossom jumped in chasing grasshoppers! The sides of the canal were too steep for her to gain her footing and pull herself out. We never let her off leash after that!

DSCN1620 blossom Utah c2006 Gus, Mom and Blossom in Syracuse, UT circa 2006


Gus & Blossom @ Beus Pond 12-31-06

Gus and Blossom at Beus Pond in Ogden 12-31-2006


Gus and Blossom 6-4-2011 Gus and Blossom in Andover, MA 6-4-2011


Blossom 11-14-11 Andover, MA When Gus wasn’t home, I combined Birding and dog walking.

This is at Sacred Heart Park, In Andover, MA where we lived for 2 years.

Blossom loved that park.

We took her with us everywhere.

DSC_0033 Christmas in Colorado to visit my daughter in 2008.


DSC_0736Visiting friends in Alabama in 2010

Blossom crossed this country several times as we moved from west to east and back again. She flew in a plane twice, and rode in the car as we drove across country three different times.


Blossom 2-3-14 Little Rock, AR2 Blossom 2-3-2014 Why walk when you can ride?

This is Blossom a year ago today riding on the luggage cart in the hotel we stayed at in Little Rock, AR. Little did we know then that this would be her last move. We almost lost her in August of 2009 when she was attacked by a much larger dog in Arizona and almost killed! Grabbed her by the rump and would not let go. Gus had to fight the bigger dog off.

DSC_0046 Battle Wounds 8-24-2008


DSC_0047 Blossom on the patio in Corona de Tucson 8-24-2008

We babied her and took her for treatments at the vets.

DSC_0051 Soon she was walking the stone wall in the backyard again.


DSC_0054 We called it her railroad track!

Like all dogs, she loved to sniff.

I can only guess at what that little pug nose of hers told her!


Blossom 10-14-14Blossom loved to ride in the car with us and if Gus and I were riding together he would be driving and Blossom would sit on my lap and stare at his with utter adoration! As she got older we could not leave her home alone for as long as we used to, so in October when I drove to Connecticut to visit my mom, I brought her with me. This is her in the back of my car on October 14, 2014.

Gus & Blossom  Bluff rd trail 2006a Goodbye dear Blossom. You made our lives so full.

You brought Gus so much joy.

He will always love his “Little Dog, Little Dog.”

DSC_0106 Blossom 8-13-2009


Blossom in grass 7-18-14

Blossom July 18-2014

Blossom 1-20-15

 Blossom’s last picture January 20, 2014

Many thanks to the Dr. Amy and her staff at the Topsham Veterinary Wellness Center in for all their care and compassion in Blossom’s last days.


  1. Wonderful tribute! It was so cute the way she'd hide behind Gus whenever you were the first one to go to the door to leave. She weren't going anywhere until HE decided it was time.

  2. RIP Blossom. I know what she meant to you both. I'm glad I got to know her for awhile. I especially feel for Gus on this one. It's not easy losing your best friend. And while I know it was difficult, he did the right thing by being there for her on that last day. She lived a very good life with you both:)

  3. What a sweet tribute to your adorable Blossom...You have many happy memories of Blossom. I know how hard it is to lose a dog, they are family.

  4. It is really hard when you lose part of your family, but at least you know she was loved and had a great life with you. I hope life looks up for you both soon!

  5. All such wonderful memories of Blossom that you will carry forever. I feel for you both having been there before.

  6. What a precious pup -- you were all blessed to have each other. Rest in peace, Blossom.

  7. oh, i'm so sorry. what a little cutie! may she RIP. i know how hard it is...they are family. you gave a her the best life...and she loved you right back!!

  8. Its great that you took so many photos of her so that you can look back in the future Kathie. Its always so dreadful loosing a pet. We went through the same some years ago and its good that we took so many shots of our Dog.
    (So who is this sophisticated French Lady with Sunglasses and black Berry "Magnifique")


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