Friday, August 14, 2015

A Spring Trip to Scarborough Marsh and Pine Point

DSC_0362 Scarborough Marsh Trail April 26, 2015

April 26, 2015 It was a gray day in April when Gus and I drove to Scarborough marsh. I have only been here a couple of times since our move to Maine. I knew this was a place where I could watch birds while Gus took a walk. He had never been here, so I was happy to show him this place. I hoped to pick up some of the Spring Migrants for the year. Last spring I saw my Lifer Northern Wheatear here. No such luck this time around!

DSC_0363 After the long, snowy winter everyone was eager to be out walking!


DSC_0364 I saw my first yellowlegs of the year at the marsh, but it wasn’t very active here, so we moved on to Pine Point. Though it was gray and overcast, with a few sprinkles now and then, the air was mild.


DSC_0367 I spotted some lingering Long-tailed Ducks out in the harbor!


DSC_0376 And even more yellowlegs!


DSC_0379 Gus walked the shoreline while I looked for birds.


DSC_0383 Common Eider and a Herring Gull at Pine Point.


DSC_0387 Common Eider and a Common Loon at Pine Point


DSC_0389 The Pavement Princess! (She does not do dirt roads!)

Our Ride (above)

Someone else’s ride (below)!

DSC_0390 Boat in the harbor


DSC_0391 These two gulls look like they are watching and discussing everything!


DSC_0394 We checked Pine Point Beach for peeps next, but no luck!


DSC_0396 With a storm brewing, we decided to head inland…


DSC_0408 …but not before stopping to check out the birding in the swampy area behind the Pelreco building! Birds love this spot behind an industrial building!


DSC_0410 Little Blue Heron 4-26-15


DSC_0412 Snowy Egret


DSC_0413 I love those yellow feet!



  1. Ah, memories! We had fun that day birding together!

    1. Karen, yes we did! Thanks for showing me this place!

  2. HI KAthie A lovely selection of birds you saw at this place. That is a flash car you have but as you say, would notbe good on dirt roads! Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Margaret, we did see a great selection of birds! it was nice to have my husband along! Thank you!

  3. Hello Kathie, great bird and a nice outing. You have wonderful birding spots there. Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks Eileen! You go to some great places as well!


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