Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Moving Along

DSC_0699 Female and male Ruby-throated hummingbirds 5-21-15

Things are moving right along here at Mere Point. It’s been a busy week so far with packing and sorting and deciding all kinds of things. My bird feeders are still up and will be one of the last things I take down. It always makes me sad to see the birds looking for the feeders, though at least at this time of year there is plenty of other food available. My hummingbirds have been few and far between during the nesting season, but suddenly they are starting to show back up at my feeders. The old feeder in the photo above seems to be their favorite one. It has been through many moves with me and fed hummingbirds from Tucson, to Andover, MA, to Tucson and now, back in Maine. I hope there will be hummingbirds in Harpswell before Autumn comes and they all migrate away.

DSC_0702 Earlier this spring the hummingbirds seemed to like sitting on these bare patches of dirt for some reason. I saw others posting about witnessing this same phenomenon and I can only guess it was their attempt to warm up. I have not seen them do this since then.

Mere Point Cottage 48-4-15 This little cottage has been a great place to live, in spite of its lack of a garage or driveway. It was hard to go through the flood last summer, and disappointing that the fireplace never worked, but the windows in this house are amazing and this has been my best yard ever for spotting various bird species with 117 species seen in the 18 months I have lived here.

hummingbird feeder 8-4-15 Only 4 more days of bird feeding, and then we are gone. Hopefully the new tenants will continue to feed the birds as they said they would. Until then…

boxes 8-4-15 It’s back to packing!

P.S. I do not know when I will be doing my last blog post. I hope to get a couple things scheduled before they break my computer down and then I will not have access to it or my photos for at least a couple of weeks, but I will be able to access my blog from other computers. So, I hope to check in and say HI when I can and keep you all posted on our progress and adventures! See you again soon!


  1. Hello Kathie, I love your cute hummers. I have never seen one sitting on the ground. I hope all goes well with your move! Have a happy day!

    1. Eileen, nice to see you! I had never seen a hummer sitting on the ground either. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your hummer shots are darling Kathie. As busy as you are getting ready for your move, I really appreciated you stopping by.


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