Monday, August 10, 2015

The Cormorants are Coming! (and other birds in Phippsburg and Bath, Maine)

1. DSC_0256 Cormorants over Popham Beach 4-22-15

April 22, 2015: Late in April I decided to take a drive to Phippsburg to see what I could see.

DSC_0240 On the way to Popham Beach I saw a Snowy Egret flyover the marsh.


DSC_0244 In the marsh the Great Blue Herons hunted for food.


DSC_0247 At Popham Beach the Cormorants filled the sky!


DSC_0249 The classic cormorant silhouette!


DSC_0251 Wave after wave of Double-crested Cormorants flew in over the water.


DSC_0252 I searched the sand and shore for peeps and plovers, but no luck.


DSC_0254 Crashing Waves at Popham Beach


DSC_0255 Yes. More Cormorants. I think I counted nearly 150!

I headed for Fort Popham next and arrived in time to see a Cormorant coming in for a landing!

DSC_0263 Feet extended, wings wide…


DSC_0266 …a perfect landing!

I wonder what it would be like to be able to fly, swim and dive!

DSC_0272 A lone Loon.


DSC_0275 A Great Black-backed Gull at Fort Popham.

Fort Popham is where the Kennebec River meets the sea.

DSC_0288 Cormorants were not the only returning birds! Hello Osprey!


DSC_0290 I counted at least 5 osprey all at one time flying over Popham Harbor!


DSC_0291 They came in low sweeping their heads from side to side, scanning for food!


DSC_0293 I am sure they were hungry from their long migration!


DSC_0295 Picturesque Popham Harbor 4-22-15


DSC_0299 A Great Black-backed Gull at the South End Launch Facility in Bath.

I always like to stop here on my way home.

DSC_0300 Bath Iron Works and the bridge over the Kennebec River.

Soon all these birds we looked for so eagerly in the Spring will be gone.

Fall Migration has already begun for some bird species, like shorebirds and blackbirds. And it won’t be long before the warblers are on the move!


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  1. Great series Kathie! You and the birds are on the move. Safe and happy traveling to all of you :)

  2. Hello Kathie! Pretty scenes, I love the beach. Great captures of the Cormorants, Osprey, Herons and Egret. Happy Birding, have a great new week!

  3. I love that beach!!!! Well....Piping Plovers got me hooked as did the Black Scoters. Glad you were able to revisit this awesome birdy spot.


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