Saturday, August 22, 2015

Birding Quoddy Head State Park

1. West Quoddy head SP 5-30-15 West Quoddy Head Lighthouse 5-30-15

May 30, 2015 was a foggy day at Quoddy Head State Park. My friend, Donna and I and her son Juan walked to see the light house first, then followed a misty trail to the beach before heading off into the fog shrouded forest to look for birds. We found little stone sculptures someone had made all along the trail. Trees dripped with water, moss and lichen. On the trail to the bog we came to a spot that was dripping with warblers! Donna and I stood still for several moments as the little bird zipped by us and landed on the path, unafraid! It was amazing! While we hoped we might see a Boreal chickadee or a Spruce Grouse we were out of luck. Still, this place was so magical in the fog that we were utterly delighted and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

2. knotty tree-kab I loved this knotty tree!


3. foggy coastline-kab 

4. wracked rocks-kab 

5. the path to the bog 5-30-15 

6. rock turtle-kab 

6. turtle in the woods-kab 

7. bearded moss-kab 

8. bearded moss close up-kab 

9. BTGW-kab Black-throated Green Warbler 5-30-15


10. BTGW-kab 

11. YRWA-kab Yellow-rumped Warbler 5-30-15


12. the boardwalk 5-30-15 Boardwalk to bog

13. birding in the bog 5-30-15 Juan and Donna

14. foggy trails at West Quoddy head sp 5-30-15 

15.West Quoddy Head Light-cell pic



  1. These are some very nice photos, Kathie.

  2. Thanks, KaHolly! I suppose you have been here?

  3. I love the foggy scenes, the beach is awesome. And the cute rock turtle is fun! The warblers are great, I hope to see some come thru here soon. Happy Birding, have a great new week ahead!

    1. Eileen, the fog can be fun and mysterious at times. This was a lovely day. warblers are on the move now. I had 3 in my new yard this morning!

  4. those misty photos...and the rocks (especially the fourth photo down). (Cute turtle art!)

    1. Kelly, it was such a fun walk and the turtle art was a lovely surprise!


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