Monday, August 1, 2011

Bass Harbor Head Light (MWT)

1. Bass harbor Light-kab DSC_0222 Bass Harbour Light 6-12-11

On a cool, gray, and dreary day in June Gus and I continued our journey along the coastline of Mount Desert Island in Maine. When we came to this lighthouse it was drizzling, so Gus parked the car and waited while I got out to explore. This is about all you can see of the lighthouse from the parking area, so I followed a paved but steep path down to the cliff where the lighthouse stands.


2. Bass Harbour Light DSCN0507 The lighthouse is still owned and occupied by the U.S. Coast Guard and serves as a personal residence. Therefore, one can only walk along the paved path to see the lighthouse. You are not suppose to go up on the lawn or approach the door of the house. I cannot imagine what it must be like to always have tourists walking around outside your door but it must be worth it to live here and always have the sea before you.


3. Sign-kab DSCN0509 Sign Posted along the walkway at Bass Harbor Head Light

(You can click to enlarge and read)

4.foggy ocean-kab DSCN0505 Stormy Skies over the Harbor 6-12-11

Though it was a gray day, the ocean was calm and still.


5. rocky coast-kab Still, these rocky shores are a good indication of the need for this lighthouse.


6. view from the top-kab This is the view of the light as seen from the parking lot.


7. Bass harbor head light-kab Bass Harbor Head Light since 1858. Shine On!

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  1. HI Katie...I remember going there at least 15 years ago with my daughter ...we took a small tour boat out around some of those islands ...the water was ..a little rough,..but it was blue sky!!
    I would not live there lol like you said...visitors!!
    Lovely place and nice photos!!

  2. Hi Kathie, I love seeing lighthouses. Your photos are pretty and I love the scenery. Wonderful photos, have a great day. Happy Birding!

  3. grammie G, you and I think alike!

    Eileen, so glad you enjoyed the scenery!

  4. love that light-the American pickers would love to come across something like that.


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