Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lake Ontario Sunset (SWF)

1. Ontario sunset-kab Lake Ontario Sunset 7:22 PM EDT with geese flying low over the water.


2. Ontario sunset-kab Lake Ontario Sunset 7:24 PM EDT


3. Ontario sunset-kab Lake Ontario Sunset 7:26 PM EDT

Skywatch Friday!

I took this series of shots on the second night we arrived at AMOC Camp in Olcott, NY. It was the best sunset of the week and I have several shots from different vantage points and at different times. All were taken with the Nikon D80 and the 70 to 300 mm lens at various settings. While I have cropped some of these shots, I did  not color pop or enhance them in anyway. The colors stood on their own. And yes, I do have a spot on my lens which I did not discover until later in the week. I tried to remove it but do not think I was very successful. I may have to take my camera in to a professional. RATS! Still, I hope you can look past the spot and see the beauty instead. If you look through the series of posts from Lake Ontario you will be able to find a few more sunset shots all from this one night! Just click on the label Lake Ontario beneath this post!


  1. Beautiful sunset Kathie.
    I think the spot is more like to be on the sensor of the camera. You need one of those blowers to blow the dust off the sensor. I use one all the time just to keep it at bay, even though the camera has a dust removal system.

    i love the last shot with the clouds across the sun...changing colors!

  3. HI Katie Oh those are some awesome sunset photos!
    I did see Tuesday's post to, but I think I forgot to comment ..I loved it and especially the Gold finch on dryed thistle I think!!
    Very nice trip!

  4. A beautiful sunset, missing those sunsets over the water.

  5. I would be interested in who you find to clean that spot off. I have several of my own. The last time I took it into a camera shop the man wouldn't take it off us but sold us cleaning materials and described what we had to do. It was something to do with taking the insides of the camera out, a sensor, one so delicate that it was easily scratched. In the end we decided to look around for another camera shop where they would take our camera in to be serviced but no luck so far, thought of sending it back to Canon. I remove the spots in Paint Shop Pro but there are so many now and difficult to do all. As you say, rats!!!

  6. Kathie did you know where I moved from Lake ontario was near me in Ontraio Canada! At first glance of this post I thought you were here in Canada! Oh I do hope we meet up in Az this winter.hugs Anna

  7. Wonderful scenes. I find it difficult to capture the colors of sunsets/rises often. hope the spot comes out (and i didnt notice it :) )
    (also please note i have moved my blog to to wordpress.)


  8. Oh my this is beyond compare!! Love it!


  9. Absolutely breathtaking images, Kathie! The colors are gorgeous!

  10. Very pretty! I have sensor spots too and have to Photoshop them out, it is annoying!

  11. They are beautiful images. What a sunset, wow.

  12. The sun is very beautiful and the ast close up is my favourite. The sun has just that right distortion and gradient.

  13. Kathie, these are gorgeous sunset photos. The scenery is beautiful too.

  14. Hi Kathie

    Really nice photos I love the shot with the geese flying over the water.


  15. Very nice scenes and your photos, too.



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