Monday, August 8, 2011

Lake Ontario Days (MWT)

1. Lake Ontario-kab Lake Ontario Shoreline near Olcott, NY 7-31-11

I have just returned from a week spent on the shore of Lake Ontario near Olcott, NY. In a way it was a returning to a place of comfort and childhood memories, for this is the camp I went to as a child. I went because I wanted to, and because the opportunity presented itself. While I have not been here in many years, my mother and sister have gone on a regular basis since 1967. However, it has been two years since my mother has been and the distance is getting too far for her to drive, so…since I am currently living here on the east coast I offered to drive her. Not only did I want to return to see the place for myself, but I was also curious about the birds I would see now that I have become a birder. Formally called the American Mission for Opening Churches we learned just this week that it is now merging with Global Mission Outreach. My mother was glad to be there when she heard the news. For me, this is the place where I first ever saw a Belted Kingfisher. I was around 13 years old then. I saw one here again on our third day. It swooped low along the steep bank below me as I watched the waves breaking on the shore. It was the only day I saw one, but I felt it was a welcome back kind of sign and I smiled.

2. song sparrow-kab Song Sparrow in the Fence 8-1-11

All week long the song sparrows sang to me.

3. berries-kab These bright red berries grew along the fenceline…


4. flower-kab These are the blossoms that made the berries.


5. queen anne's lace-kab Queen Anne's lace is the consummate symbol of a summer flower for me.


6. ragweed-kab Ragweed


7. morning glory-kab Morning Glory (I had these flowers made of sugar on my wedding cake!)


8. picnic tables-kab Every day my sister, mother and I met at these tables or sat by this fence and listened…

9. song sparrow-kab …to the serenade of Song Sparrows…


10. seagulls-kab …while watching seagulls soar..

11. sunset-kab …and losing ourselves in golden sunsets.

And that’s...My World Tuesday!


  1. What a lovely week for you Kathie. The photo of the singing song sparrow is a real gem and the sunset is to die for. A magical place for contemplation.

  2. Beautiful post. Wonderful memories for you and your mother. How lovely you had the song sparrow and beautiful sunsets for company!

  3. Hello from the north shore of Lake Ontario. Lovely pictures but the last one is spectacular!!

  4. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Good to hear about your son coming home. I'll bet you beat me to 400 if you've only got one to go where I have 15. I may not add any until I visit Ohio. Best wishes to you and yours!

  5. Arija, it truly was!

    Snap, why thank you!

    Ruth! I KNEW there was someone else across that lake I should be thinking of! Of course! I would have waved at you from across the water if I had remembered! Silly old me! Well, I am waving now! Hello, hello dear Ruth! I'm Comin' Home for Supper!

    Birding is Fun, well, I may only have one species to go but it is getting harder and harder to spot new ones. You never know though, I may make it out to Plum Island or down to the coast of CT. Perhaps I can pick up a Oyster Catcher. I see that Dawn Fine saw one recently down at Bluff Point State Park in Groton, CT. I do not have that species yet. Good Luck!

  6. Kathie, it sounds and looks like you had a most lovely week. I can see you were most definitely surrounded by beauty. Stunning series! Glorious Song Sparrow serenade shot and gorgeous golden sunset photograph. A bright spot in my day viewing your wonderful blog.

  7. Hi Katie...Wonderful memories of years gone by, and new ones for the future!!
    Lovely photos especially the last one ,and the Sparrow singing away!

  8. Being on the east coast has given you many wonderful opportunities to gather with family in familiar and new settings. Plus add lots of birds to your growing list. You may have to move again to get further afield. Have to agree the captures of the singing song sparrow and that Awesome sunset are my faves on this go around. Where to next?

  9. no wonder your mother and sister keep coming back--such a beautiful place. glad you made it this time around---your photos are breathtaking!

  10. Wonderful post, great photos and I love that sunset!

  11. Kathie, awesome series of beautiful photos. The song sparrows are cute and I just love that last sunset. Thanks for sharing your world.

  12. Hi Kathie

    It sounds like you had a nice trip with your Mom, the picture of the sunset was beautiful. I must admit that Queen Anne's lace is the wild flower I most associate with summer trips as a kid.

    All the best.

  13. It must have been lovely for your Mom to have your company on this trip. Your photos are lovely and that last shot is totally breathtaking.

  14. What a nice daughter offering to drive your mom there! it must be nice to relive some pleasant childhood memories.-That golden sunset looks like something sent down from heaven.

  15. Howdee Kathie~
    Glad you were able to take your mom and go back to this looks wonderful!

  16. Julie, you are just too kind! Thank you! so glad you enjoyed it!

    Grammie G, thank you!

    Gaelyn, you just never know where I will end up! I am ready to stay home for a bit but not sure that is going to happen!

    Luna Miranda, thank you!

    fjallripan, thank you for your visit and your comment!

    Eillen, I like the song sparrow too! I certainly saw and heard enough of them!

    Guy, so nice to hear someone else loves them as I do!

    Denise, it was happy to do it for her. Glad you liked the sunset.

    Larry, it was really nice and I was happy to drive my Mom. My sister came at the last minute so we had some mother-daughter girl time together!

    Dawn, you would love it!

  17. That the golden sunset has got to be one of the prettiest ever!! Such a wonderful way to end a day!!

  18. what a beautiful place to go to...and spend some time with your many memories...and so many awesome pictures! love all the flowers and bird sightings!! and the sunset!! wow, what a way to end the day! beautiful world!!


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