Monday, August 15, 2011

Krull County Park Olcott, NY (MWT)

1. Krull Park-kab Gulls and Terns on Wharf at Krull County Park 8-1-11

Along the shore of Lake Ontario in Olcott, NY lies Krull Park. When I was there earlier this month I stopped by the park to see what I could see. On the shore side of State Route 18 I found plenty of gulls and a few Caspian terns along with a couple of Canada geese hanging out on these cement Wharfs. On the weekend the little town of Olcott has quaint little shops to visit but I was more interested in the birds and on this particular day, most of the shops were closed.

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2. Caspian tern-kab Caspian Tern 8-1-11

Across the street from the shore side of the park lies an extensive grassy area with soccer fields and more. I saw all these gulls as I passed by on the way to the store in Newfane. On the way back to camp I pulled in to count birds and take photos. It was mid-afternoon when I took these shots and many of the birds washed out in the bright sunlight but you can see that there must have been up to 200 Ring-billed gulls laying around in the grass. I do not know if this is how they nest but they were certainly resting here with many of them panting in the heat.

3. soccer field-kab Ring-billed gulls resting on soccer fields at Krull Park 8-1-11


4. Krull Park-kab 

5. gulls-kab 

In and around the fields of gulls I also saw a couple of Rock Pigeons, a few killdeer, and flocks of European Starlings.

6. TUVU-kab Turkey Vulture in park 8-1-11

Over near the picnic tables I spotted someone having his own picnic. I don’t know what he was dining on but as I tried to creep closer for a better shot…

7. flying-kab he took off!

I backed off hoping the bird would return. I did not want to disturb his dinner, but he decided to sail through the bright blue sky instead. Still, it looks like Krull Park could be a promising place to watch birds if you are ever up this way! And that’s…

8. Vulture-kab

My World Tuesday!

It is with sadness that I announce the passing of Klaus Peter, the founder of My World Tuesday. Please visit My World Tuesday for more details and visit his amazing blog Virtua Gallery with his outstanding photography. He really makes me look like an amateur. Klaus, today’s post is dedicated to you and your love of the environment! (Note, I only learned of this when I went to link to the site!)


  1. Kathie, I love the first picture and the one of the Caspian Tern. Your sunsets on the last post are lovely too.

  2. Hi Kathie, great post and birds. the terns are one of my favorite birds. You capture them well. Happy Birding, have a wonderful week.

  3. Great photos, love the caspian tern.


  4. Hi Kathie

    I really enjoyed your photo of the Tern and the Turkey Vulture in the park was a real find.

    All the best.

  5. Love the tern photo, and the vultures. You find great birds where ever you go!

  6. Eileen, Dan, Guy and wren, thank you for your comments and for visiting my blog!

  7. Wonderfull fotos especially the second gaspien tern


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