Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charlestown, MA (MWT)

1. Bridge-kab Leonard P. Zakim Bunkerhill Memorial Bridge 8-12-11

On August 12th I went with a friend to Charlestown, MA. Though I grew up in New England I had never been to Charlestown and I know little about it. My friend, Mary, grew up in this section of Boston in an apartment over a store! She lived there for most of her life and played in the streets. She told me there used to be an elevated train that ran right down the middle of Main Street and right past her apartment. She told me that in the winter she used to open a window and throw snowballs at the passing train. How different her life was from mine when I was growing up. I lived in the country and slept outside under the stars in the summertime. I played in grassy fields and ran wild in the woods. Mary tells me she only saw grass and trees when her family went to the cape for vacation. I cannot comprehend this.

On this day I saw plenty of trees and even a few birds flying around the streets of Boston. Mary took me to a new park called City Square Park where we had a good view of the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge. In the center of the park was a beautiful fountain with house sparrows drinking and splashing. Overhead a few chimney swifts flew and I even saw an American Robin hopping about on the grass! Later she drove me over to Bunker Hill, the site of a major battle during the revolutionary war. We had a very fun day.

2. fountain-kab House Sparrow on fountain.


3. me n frog-kab Me and my frog friend!


4. Frog-kab Froggy


5. Bunker hill-kab Bunker Hill Monument


6. Bunker hill-kab Bunker Hill with Colonel Prescott Statue


7. Prescott Statue-kabColonel William Prescott Statue


8. red house-kab Buildings across from Bunker Hill Monument.

After being out west for 6 years I am loving this New England Architecture!


9. Skyline-kab Two International Place, Exchange Place and Custom House

View from Bunker Hill of the Financial District in Boston.

10. Zakim bridge-kabZakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge as seen from Bunker Hill 8-12-11

I have just learned that with the passing of Klaus Peter there will be no more…

My World Tuesday!

Good-bye dear Klaus!


  1. ...Matty and I did Boston this summer! We loved, loved, loved it. Enjoyed your photos...they bring back memories of our adventure!

  2. Wonderful post on Boston. Sounds like you had a great time and saw lots. Your photos are wonderful.

  3. Kelly, I'm so glad!

    Eileen, thank you!

  4. How nice to have a friend to guide you in a new location. By your wonderful photos looks like you had a good time.

  5. Great to see you smiling again Kathie.

  6. Sounds like you and your friend had a wonderful time. Gorgeous pictures! I too, adore the architecture in New England.

  7. thanks for the wander through Bunker Hill! that bird shot is cute...and your froggie is adorable!

  8. You make me want to go there.

    MWT will carry on here:



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